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What is the best anti-virus software?

Best Anti-virus There is not really one best - Everyone has different preferences, computers, internet usage - So it's what will work best for you. I have used Norton, Zone Al (MORE)

Which is the best anti-virus software and why?

PC Health Advisor is the best. Version 2.0 Now includes Device driver updates and driver management, Premium registry cleaner, file extention software database, remove spywa (MORE)

What is the most reliable anti-virus software?

  In my view, Sentinel 2.2.0 should be a reliable one. It is an advanced file integrity checker that integrates seamlessly with your anti-virus/trojan application(s). Scan (MORE)

Who invented the first anti virus software?

The first antivirus software was created in 1988 in order to combat  the Brain virus. This antivirus program not only detected the  Brain's presence on a computer and remove (MORE)

What does anti-virus software protect against?

Anti-virus software is intended to detect and protect computer systems against the types of malware known as viruses and worms. The better ones will attempt to repair systems (MORE)

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