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Who is Ciara?

Ciara, or Ciara Princess Harris is an American hip-hop artist. She was born October 25th, 1985 in Austin, Texas. She has also acted in a couple of movies. See the Wikipedia li (MORE)

Can you Email ciara?

  Answer   If u have her email address, the answer would be YES. If u don't have her email address, the answer would be NO.

How did Ciara get famous?

Ciara met singer Jazze Pha. Jazze liked her songwriting and  introduced her to L. A. Reid. L. A. Reid signed Ciara to a record  deal in 2003. This first record went to numbe (MORE)

Who is ciara bravo?

Ciara Bravo is a 15 year old girl ( born 1997 ) that plays a role in Big Time Rush ( Nickelodeon )as Kendall's younger sister( Katie ) and other shows and movies like Jinxed a (MORE)
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Who is ciara hanna?

Ciara Hanna is an American Actress who was on Americas Next Top Model cycle 13 premier. She was on a CBS Soap Opera, has done multiple Music Videos and Commercials. She has Gu (MORE)