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What is clergy?

The clergy are the people who take up the authoritative positionsin the church. Most Reverend, Right Reverend, Father, Most Holy Father, Rabbi, HisEminence, His Excellency, H (MORE)
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What is the symbol for 'clergy'?

One symbol for clergy would be the clerical collar that is fastened  onto a clergy shirt. The collar presents as seamless and is usually  white. It is often worn under a col (MORE)
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Who are the clergy of Christianity?

  These are the clergy of 'Christendom'. The Christianity of Christ and his followers had no "clergy". Catholic: The Leader of the Catholic Church: The Pope, Cardinals, (MORE)
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What are paid clergy?

  Answer   Some clergy e.g. monks are unpaid whilst others are paid. Clergy of Protestant denominations have salaries established by the church, diocese or individual p (MORE)

Who are the secular clergy?

The secular clergy are deacons, priests, and bishops, as opposed to the regular clergy who are monks and abbots. The word secular means not religious, so the secular clergy ar (MORE)
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What happened to clergy?

In the catholic Church, the clergy are in decline. This has happened for a number of reasons: 1. They became corrupt, possibly have been for centuries 2. They abused their au (MORE)
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How to get licensed as a clergy?

Answer 1: No license is required to be clergy... at least not in the US. And bear in mind that by "license," I'm referring to a secular thing, granted by government... like a (MORE)

What did medieval clergy do?

The exact same thing that clergy have always done: they celebrated the seven sacraments, they prayed the Divine Office, they counseled people, they taught Catechism, prepared (MORE)
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What is the explanation for Clergy?

It is not clear what the question is asking, as there is no "explanation" for clergy. The word clergy is a noun, a common, uncountable, abstract noun; a word for the group of (MORE)
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Who is clergy?

Clergy is a collective noun referring to the ordained members of religions, including priests, ministers, rabbis, etc.
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