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What is clergy?

The clergy are the people who take up the authoritative positionsin the church. Most Reverend, Right Reverend, Father, Most Holy Father, Rabbi, HisEminence, His Excellency, H (MORE)

How do you become a clergy?

You can become a clergy by going to seminary. However you can become a minister online. You can sign up on a web site and immediately be a minister. This is perfectly legal in (MORE)

What is Protestant clergy?

These are the ordained church leaders in the protestant Churches. In the Methodist Church, for example, ordained clergy are called ministers, whilst in the Baptist Church they (MORE)
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What is Church clergy?

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Why were clergy in the crusades?

According to my book, they wanted to win the holy land from the infidels. The infidels disturbed the Christians due to their Non-Christian religion. They also wanted to reunit (MORE)

What is political clergy?

The extension of the clergy (church officials) into politics isbased on a church's interest in the welfare of the populace.However, in the past, the church frequently wielded (MORE)
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Who is clergy?

Clergy is a collective noun referring to the ordained members of religions, including priests, ministers, rabbis, etc.

Did the clergy work?

It depends on what you mean by "work". By and large, clergy have not engaged in traditional labor, especially prior to the Enlightenment, when they lived on the sacrifices and (MORE)