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Why were clergy in the crusades?

According to my book, they wanted to win the holy land from the infidels. The infidels disturbed the Christians due to their Non-Christian religion. They also wanted to reunit (MORE)
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Which did the Civil Constitution of the Clergy not do?

The Civil Constitution of the Clergy did NOT accomplish the  following things:    Allow women to become priests   Create the position of pope   Win the clergy o (MORE)

Who are the secular clergy?

The secular clergy are deacons, priests, and bishops, as opposed to the regular clergy who are monks and abbots. The word secular means not religious, so the secular clergy ar (MORE)
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Do Jehovah's Witnesses have a clergy?

No, Jehovah's Witnesses do not have a clergy laity division. They  consider all their members (Male and female) as "ministers" and all  the members participate in their serv (MORE)
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What are the ranks of the clergy in Catholic Church?

Ordained clergy: . 1.) Deacon 2.) Priest 3.) Bishop - the highest rank in the ordained clergy but appointed by the pope. . The Bishop is consecrated (ordained) with the (MORE)
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How to get licensed as a clergy?

Answer 1: No license is required to be clergy... at least not in the US. And bear in mind that by "license," I'm referring to a secular thing, granted by government... like a (MORE)
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What is the symbol for 'clergy'?

One symbol for clergy would be the clerical collar that is fastened  onto a clergy shirt. The collar presents as seamless and is usually  white. It is often worn under a col (MORE)
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What are paid clergy?

  Answer   Some clergy e.g. monks are unpaid whilst others are paid. Clergy of Protestant denominations have salaries established by the church, diocese or individual p (MORE)

What are the clergy of Buddhism?

The religious leaders in Buddhism at present-day are the monks, nuns, and novices (collectively known as the Sangha, meaning those who follow unitedly the teachings of the Bud (MORE)