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What landforms are in eastern europe?

Some landforms of Eastern Europe include the Ural Mountains, the Black Sea, the Baltic Sea, and the Carpathian Mountains.
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Why does Eastern Europe have pollution problems?

The IR is a reason for the pollution problems facing Eastern Europe, but not the distinguishing factor between East and West. The reason Eastern Europe faces pollution issues (MORE)

How did glasnost affect eastern Europe?

Glasnost allowed Western ideas and practices to reach eastern  Europe, which meant the decline of Soviet influence and the  eventual breakup of the Russian-dominated union. (MORE)
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Is Greece in Southern Europe or Eastern Europe?

Greece is included in both Southern and Western Europe. Although  geographically located in South-Eastern Europe, Greece is more  commonly associated with Western Europe due (MORE)
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What is the GNP GDP of eastern europe?

If Europe was split into its 5 regions, the GDP of Eastern Europe would be US$2,083,000,000,000. (compared to its counterpart: Western Europe: US$8,113,000,000,000.) 5 regions (MORE)
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Why is it difficult to unify Eastern Europe?

Eastern Europe has many ethnic and religious tensions that have been fueled by conflicts over history. Eastern Europe is in peace today, although nowhere near as peaceful as i (MORE)
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How did Islam spread in Eastern Europe?

When the Ottoman Turks conquered much of eastern Europe, they imposed heavy taxes on the Christians living under their control. Many of the wealthy converted to Islam to avoid (MORE)