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Is kazakhstan in eastern Europe?

A part of the country is in Europe which gives the national football team a right to play in UEFA competitions.
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Where is eastern Europe located?

Eastern Europe is the Eastern portion of the continent of Europe. The countries that border Western Europe are Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Russia, and Slovenia. Then it include (MORE)
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What countries are in eastern Europe?

The term Eastern Europe doesn't refer to a well defined area. It is used to refer to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova. The following countries are sometimes referred to as Ea (MORE)
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What food does eastern Europe eat?

Europe has many foods that they eat, but mostly Mediterranean style foods. They eat lots of cheeses, baguette's, dumplings, biscuits, pasta's, pizza's, olives, pastries, wine (MORE)
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Why did the Jews leave Eastern Europe?

There are a number of reasons for the Jewish departure from Eastern  Europe from the mid-1700s up to the mid-1900s.    1) Border Changes: There were numerous wars in E (MORE)

Is Greece in Southern Europe or Eastern Europe?

Greece is included in both Southern and Western Europe. Although  geographically located in South-Eastern Europe, Greece is more  commonly associated with Western Europe due (MORE)