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Do giraffes exercise?

I think giraffes do exercise, they have a little routine which they practise every day with their giraffe-gym teacher. They walk from tree to tree to find some suitable food. (MORE)
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What is acute exercise?

Acute exercise is an exercise that is short-lived. Acute exercises are meant to be less strenuous exercises for a shorter amount of time. For instance it could be half an hour (MORE)
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Do you have to exercise?

No, you do not "have" to exercise. However, you lose out on many benefits if you do not exercise. You may also compromise your health if you do too little exercise. For more i (MORE)
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What are lovebirds exercise?

  Lovebirds exercise by flying and playing. They should have as large a cage as possible, they are very active birds. Be careful what you buy for bird toys as we have had (MORE)

What exercise exercises your hamstring?

The hamstring group a) controls knee flexion (allows you to bend your knee behind you). this is the most commonly exercised posterior leg muscle. b) Extension of the back. (MORE)

What is exercise physiology?

The American Society of Exercise Physiologists defines Exercise Physiology as the identification of physiological mechanisms underlying physical activity, the comprehensive de (MORE)
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What is inertial exercise?

Inertial Exercise is unique among all forms of exercise. Independent of gravity and elastic components, it will train the neuro system to efficiently control acceleration and (MORE)

What is plyometric exercise?

A plyometric exercise is one that is based on having the muscle  group exert maximum force in a very short time frame. Plyometrics  often involve a lot of jumping, usually o (MORE)

How do you get warm after exercise?

After you exercise, your body will already be warm, but you may be perspiring and your skin may become cold. Wrap yourself with loose towels or clothing to keep warmer air nex (MORE)
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How do you do exercises?

Exercise needs to be somewhat enjoyable or you will find a reason to not do it. To include the whole body and mind into a healthy training program is the best way to keep inte (MORE)