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What are the strengths of Fascism?

Fascism is government that makes most of the decisions for the  people, and they have no say about it. Some strengths of fascism  are that it makes people proud of their cou (MORE)

What are the disadvantage of fascism?

Fascism does not favor human rights and has several disadvantages.  These include suppression of free speech, violation of human  rights, unjustified imprisonment, harsh pun (MORE)

What do you mean by fascism?

Fascism is a radical right-wing ideology that requires citizen to obediently conform to rigid social norms that support dominent economic and political (and sometimes religiou (MORE)

What is fascism?

Fascism is complex and as a result, you may find several slightly different answers as to what it is. Here are some of our CONTRIBUTOR'S Answers: Answer 1 Fascism (as be (MORE)

What is the concept of Fascism?

The concept of fascism came to be in Italy during World War 1, with  the rule of Mousalini. The concept of fascism has been widely  debated, but no true definition can be fo (MORE)

When did Fascism appear?

Italy, during the 1920s. It soon spread, and throughout the 1930s and 1940s several countries adopted their own unique forms of it (Such as National Socialism in Germany and F (MORE)

Why was fascism invented?

It was invented because some facist person became in charge of something important, and ever since, other people in charge of important stuff, for example, the facists who rul (MORE)

What were fascism goals?

  Fascism strives for strength, order, efficiency, and a crime-free society, but it is done at the cost of freedom, creativity, and individual rights.
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What is afro-fascism?

When dominant political tribes organise themselves into political parties and platforms that seek to retain state power to the exclusion of 1) other stakeholders, and 2) inter (MORE)