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What is fascism?

Fascism is complex and as a result, you may find several slightly different answers as to what it is. Here are some of our CONTRIBUTOR'S Answers: Answer 1 Fascism (as be ( Full Answer )
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What was fascism?

Fascism is the most common formof socialism, similar to and competing with communism. They differin that communism severely limits private ownership of means ofproduction, whi ( Full Answer )
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What is the significance of fascism?

The significance of fascism is the impact it has had on millions oflives. One of most widely known examples of fascism is the withAdolf Hitler and the Nazi party in Germany. T ( Full Answer )
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Symbols of Fascism?

Fascist symbolism typically involves nationalist imagery. Somesymbols include a perched eagle clutching a fasces, the swastika,the yoke and arrows as well as the sun cross.
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What is a Fascism Government?

A government that is unlikely based on democracy due to the factthat fascists believe in dictatorial leadership. Fascists considerthemselves as the "third way," and is interpr ( Full Answer )
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Who founded fascism?

Ancient Rome. (At least they were the first to do it effectively.) When the Roman Empire conquests of the Mediterranean was just getting started.
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Who has fascism?

There are currently no fascist governments, though the term "fascism" is often (and incorrectly) used to describe any sort of authoritarian government.
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Is fascism a noun?

Yes, the word 'fascism' is a noun , a word for a system ofgovernment marked by centralization of authority under a dictatorand stringent governmental controls; a word for a t ( Full Answer )
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Is fascism bad?

Because Fascism opposes democracy and many civil rights (likefreedom of speech, assembly, religion, etc), it is typicallyconsidered bad by most people. All Fascist and Fascist ( Full Answer )
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Who defeated fascism?

Facism still exists. It is a form of government and an idea therefore it cannot be defeated. Facist governments can be defeated.