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What are the languages in France?

French is the only official language in France. Regional languages  (Elsassich, Basque, Breton, Corse...) are recognised to a lesser  level but are undertood by only a tiny (MORE)
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Where is France?

France is located in Western Europe and is bordered by: Belgium and Luxembourg to the north, Germany, Switzerland and Italy to the east, The Mediterranean Sea and Spain to the (MORE)
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Does France have a democracy?

France has a republic, which is a form of democracy. The leader of the country usually takes on the title as President. One example of a republic is the United States of Ameri (MORE)

Why is France named France?

France was named after a Germanic tribe, the  "Franks", who settled in Northern France, and whose kings  came to preeminence after the fall of the Roman Empire.   The Fr (MORE)

What do you where in France?

France sent Denim jeans to California in the 1500 so workers could have something to wear and they became more and more popular now people in France wear them sometimes and gi (MORE)

Allies of France?

France has several allies that they relay upon. Some of the allies  are Poland, United States of America, and China.
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Where is France on the map?

  South of Belgium, West of Germany, Switzerland and Nortern Italy, North of Spain and across the English Channel from the UK. Much of its East Coast is on the Bay of Bisc (MORE)

Who was Frances willard?

Frances Willard lived from 1839-1898. She was very active in  America's women's suffrage movement, trying to get women the right  to vote and expanding their opportunities i (MORE)

What to do in Cannes France?

Attend the film festival. And all other festival and congresses in Cannes but make sure your accomodation is OK so please look for apartment and villa rentals at (MORE)