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What is Google?

It is the most commonly used and the biggest search engine on the planet. They started out in 1995 with a company name Backrub. They decided to change the name and came up wit (MORE)

Who founded Google?

In January 1996, two PhD students from Stanford University named Larry Page and Sergey Brin created Google as a research project.
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What happens when you type Google into Google?

If you type the word Google into Google you will get Google's  search box at the top with about 5,670,000,000 results showing  below that. Each result is about Google or one (MORE)

When is Google created?

The strategy worked and after more development Google finally became a hot commodity. Co-founder of Sun Microsystems, Andy Bechtolsheim said after a quick demo of Google, "Ins (MORE)

Why did Google choose the name Google?

Google got its name from what it means. Google often means 'infinite' to many people. You see, when you search up something on google, you get infinite results. So google chro (MORE)

Why was Google named Google?

Possibly because google is a homophone of "googol" meaning 10^100 or 100,000. This may implicate that there are that many results for any given search. But basically, it's wha (MORE)

How do you Google?

Google'a yapmanız soru, ad veya yerinde, türünü gidin ve  tüm web siteleri üzerinden bakmak ve ihtiyacınız olan bilgi almak  olduğunu. Aramak Google'ın (MORE)

What is meaninig of Google?

A Google can be two things: A duck-like animal on, or a searching website. Want to know the actual definition? go on google and search it! :)
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How does Google feel when you Google Yahoo?

Google is a business and as such isn't known to have feelings like humans have feelings: no business is known that way. Google's search engine includes information on the Int (MORE)