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Is Greece a subcontinent?

Yes Greece is considered a subcontinent, as well as Turkey, Cyprus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, and Georgia. For they share geographic, and cultural similarities of Europe, (MORE)

When did Greece start?

419 b.c.e Provionladlays: ... it began a long long time before that, if you are talking about Greece altogether, it began around 6400 BCE if you are looking at greek habitants
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What did Greece trade?

The Greeks traded wine, olive oil and other products. They also traded pottery. They would trade all these products for copper, gold, silver, and jewels.
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Is troy in Greece?

No. Troy was situated on the mouth of the Dardanelles in present day Turkey. It was attacked by Greece , supposedly because Paris of Troy had abducted a Greek queen.
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What do people do in Greece?

In winter and in autumn,in Greece the people go to cafe', cinema,they are call their friends at their home,they go to their works e.t.c. In spring,they go to a picnic,they ri (MORE)

How hot is Greece?

It gets really hot in summertime.   It can reach up to 60 degrees Celsius.
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How did Greece get its name?

The Greeks called themselves Hellenes after their legendary founder  Helen.    As the Romans penetrated south in the Italian peninsula they ran  into a tribe called t (MORE)
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Trees in Greece?

There are several types of trees that grow in Greece. A few of the  trees are the olive tree, plum tree, juniperus excelsa, and the  pinus nigra.

Are there hornets in Greece?

Hello there, im just a normal person in a normal country called...  Greece   and the answer to your question is YES and NO   Lets explain why YES:   Today i saw i (MORE)