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Why do they call Greece Greece?

The Greeks called and still call themselves Hellenes. They overpopulated their small and poor country, and the city states sent out their surplus populations into colonies a (MORE)

Why was Greece named Greece?

From mythology, Greece, is named Hellas. "Hellas" is the name that we Hellines (Greeks) use when referring to our country; in simpler terms, "Hellas" means "Greece" in Helli (MORE)
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Who gave the name Greece to Greece?

The Romans. The greek colony of Graecia located in south Italy was the first to comunicate with the Romans and so the Romans named the whole nation out of the citizens of that (MORE)

Is ancient Greece and Greece the same?

Greece is a country existing from the 19th century  onwards. Ancient Greece is a phrase for all the cities-states in  the area where the Greek state is located today.
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