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What are the laws in Iran?

That depends on what kind of laws it is based on. For apparel, woman have to wear a scarf on their head, don't show any parts of their body except for their hands and face. (MORE)
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What is going on in Iran?

Ayatollahs have taken over the government for over 30 years and , since then , Iran is having its biggest downturn in history.
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When will Iran be attacked?

Iranian Answer   Never, Iran is too powerful for the West/Israel to attack. Iranians  have something called Nationalistic Pride which is they will ALL  fight for an inde (MORE)

Was Sicily Iran?

Yes. During the Iron Age, the Persian empire conquered a small part of Italy including the island of Sicily. However, Sicily has not been part of any Iranian or Persian State (MORE)

What is there to do in Iran?

You could visit the ancient ruins of Khashayarshah, Persepolis, or the modern architecture of Teheran! Or even go out to a restaurant since Iran has some of the most delecta (MORE)

Who was the Shah of Iran?

The origins of the term "Shah" go back to ancient Avestan "Kshathra" or Kshatrya" (Sanskrit) which means ruler of domain. The root of this word can also be found in the Iran (MORE)
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Who established Iran?

Iran was established when the Medes empire was formed with the Achaemenid empire. Cyrus the Great joined the two empires and established Persia, which was the biggest empire t (MORE)