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Does Japan have tornadoes?

Yes, Japan does have tornadoes and "waterspouts" which are tornadoes that occur over water. Japan has about 20 tornadoes each year, occurring mostly in September. See the link (MORE)

Is Japan polluted?

I used to live near Narita air port near Toyko, and your white curtains would turn gray in the summer time because of the pollution. However, compared to large cities in the U (MORE)
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Is Japan an island?

Actually, Japan is a string of islands. There are four main islands (none of which are actually called Japan) and counting all the minor islands, there are over 3000. They str (MORE)

Does Japan have an army?

Since 1947, Japan's constitution (which we helped write) has forbidden the formation of a "traditional military force". They strictly have self defense. And Japan's current a (MORE)

Where about is Japan?

Japan is an island country in East Asia. Located in the Pacific Ocean, it lies to the east of the Sea of Japan, People's Republic of China, North Korea, South Korea and Russia (MORE)

Why is Japan named Japan?

Japan's name is Japan because it means Nihon in Japanese which means 'the land of the rising sun'.
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How do you get to Iwakuni Japan from Tokyo Japan?

It takes 6 hours by bullet train (plus another hour to get you from Narita airport into central Tokyo) pand will run you about $250 each way. You can also fly to Hiroshima and (MORE)

Where did Japan imperialize?

Japan invaded Manchuria, Hong Kong, Singapore, other parts of China and many of the Islands of the Pacific. They tried to get The Dutch East Indies, Borneo, Indonesia and many (MORE)

Why did Japan industrialize?

  In 1853, when the US Navy's Commodore Perry sailed his "warships" into Japanese waters, he opened Japan's culture to the outside world. They had lived in their own "seal (MORE)

After the US bombed Japan what did Japan do?

Conventional bombing began with long-range B-29's in 1944, from islands such as Tinian and Okinawa, and fire-bombing of the major Japanese cities caused major devastation. Non (MORE)