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How did javascript begin?

JavaScript started, because Netscape wanted to add a glue language for web designers to its web browser in 1995. Java made it to their web browser a little earlier and quickly (MORE)

Why learn JavaScript?

The Main Reason to Learn Javascript Is: It is great for interactivity! With it's custom functions for alerts, prompts, confirms, and the fact that it can edit the document wit (MORE)

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a scripting computer language originally developed for client-side web development. It is usually used to control browser behavior- open a menu, show a popup, or (MORE)

How do you get javascript?

You already have it inside your browser, you dont need anything else. So a simple notepad document will do the trick. Simply put your javascript code between the javascript ta (MORE)

What is javascript for?

JavaScript is a scripting language most commonly used in webpages to provide behaviour. For example, on this webpage, the Ask/Answer tabs are managed by JavaScript. When you c (MORE)

Where is JavaScript used?

JavaScript is a client side script which is used in web applications.For example javascript can be used to verify a form in HTML.Also it can be used for animation purposes.

What is a JavaScript object?

An object in JavaScript is anything that holds information. Arrays, strings, numbers and booleans are all objects. You can then use methods and functions to manipulate those o (MORE)

How do you do JavaScript?

Java script or javascript. a javascript is just object orientated language that you can embed into HTML to make an object preform tasks that are much much harder for any other (MORE)

How do you javascript?

Before you program in javascript you must learn HTML and know how to use it without Dream-weaver or any other similar programs. But lets say you have this prerequisite. You (MORE)

How To Check If JavaScript is On?

I don't know if there is a shorter way to check for sure, besides JavaScript not working on sites, but just follow the instructions for whatever browser you are on. Chrome: W (MORE)