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What did Karl Marx think of capitalism?

Karl Marx believed that capitalism through industrialization hadincreased the productive capability of the world's economy farbeyond that ever witnessed before. Nevertheless, (MORE)

Why was Karl Marx against capitalism?

Marx thought it would change the means of production.     It wasn't that capitalism would change the means of production. It  was a change in the means of productio (MORE)

Why is Karl Marx important?

There are many reasons why Karl Marx is important. But one main important reason why is because, he was the founder of the modern communism. I think it would be unfair to Mar (MORE)

Critisism of Karl Marx?

Over the years many have criticised Marx for many different reasons. A major criticism is that Marx supposedly was an economic determinist. Another is that he was promethean w (MORE)

What is Karl Marx the father of?

Modern communism, although he would deny paternity if he were alive to see the type of communism that exists in today's so called communist countries. Marx saw communism comin (MORE)

Was Karl Marx German?

Yes, he was German, having been born in Trier, Germany. To be more specific however, one might say he was actually Prussian, because at the time of Marx's birth Prussia was an (MORE)

Why was Karl Marx famous?

  He is the founder of communism, and with Friedrich Engel he founded marxism.     He also wrote "The Communist Manifesto", "Das Kapital" and "Materialist concepti (MORE)

Who exactly is Karl Marx?

He wrote the Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital, with Friedrich Engels.    Karl Marx was a philosopher and economist who, along with Friedrich Engels developed the con (MORE)

Why was Karl Marx so famous?

If it wasn't for Karl Marx and the ideas he put forward, the Soviet Union would not have ever existed. Marx and his ideas heavily influenced men like Lenin, who was the bigges (MORE)

Which of these was a belief of Karl Marx?

All Wealth is produced by labor, and the other factors of  production are either passive or also the result of labor
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