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Where is Kuwait?

AsiaKuwait is a small country located on the Persian Gulf in the continent of Asia. First of all it is spelled "Kuwait". It is located in the continent Asia. It next to Iraq (MORE)
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Why Kuwait change from kout to Kuwait?

Because kuwaiti people always like to call things smaller .. so kout means small palace and because it's small they call it Kuwait .. not only this even chai = tea they say ch (MORE)

Is there a mafia in Kuwait?

Define MAFIA, please. A place with good infrastructure, truck loads of money and negotiable laws as long as you have friends among the group currently exploiting the land, th (MORE)
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How cold is it in Kuwait?

Kuwait is in the middle east... it is very hot here, at summer it is 48 C. Very cold in winter, 6 C in city and almost -5 C in desert. Very nice weather in spring and fall, (MORE)
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Does it snow in Kuwait?

no, but it only snowed once in 30/3/2009 it was the first and last time it snowes Added comment: Actually, it also snowed in the mid 70's when I lived there. (JDH)
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