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Is Lisbon a country?

No , Lisbon [Lisboa] isn't a country. Instead, it's the most famous city in Portugal. It's the country's capital city and busiest seaport. It's located in western Portugal at (MORE)

What is Lisbon?

Lisbon [Lisboa] is the capital city of Portugal [A República Portuguesa]. It also is the largest city in Portugal. Lisbon is in central Portugal on the coast, at the point wh (MORE)

Who established Lisbon?

Lisbon, which is the capital and largest city in Portugal, is situated on a large natural bay. It was populated in Neolithic times by people related to Iberians. The source of (MORE)

Who is the president of lisbon?

There's no such thing as the "President of Lisbon" like if we  were calling Lisbon an independent state.  However, we can call the elected Mayor of the City as the  Preside (MORE)

Why is Lisbon important?

The 1755 Lisbon earthquake, also known as the Great Lisbon Earthquake, took place on Saturday 1 November 1755, at around 10:24 in the morning.[1] The earthquake was followed b (MORE)

Does lisbon have a beach?

Lisbon city does not have a beach, but Lisbon Metropolitan Area does have beaches. Lisbon Metropolitan Area is a territorial zone that includes 18 municipalities (being one o (MORE)