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How much do braces cost in Lisbon?

Well I Live in England and i have braces, i am under 16 so i got mine free sometimes if yu are on private dentristry like me yu get them free but i got mine free on the n.h.s (MORE)

What language do they speak in Lisbon?

It's Portuguese that's spoken in the Portuguese capital city of Lisbon [Lisboa]. Portuguese is the official language of Portugal. In 1999 Mirandese [lingua mirandesa] was gran (MORE)

What is the Distance from the algarve to Lisbon?

  Hello I am submitting driving directions from Albufeira (central location in the Algarve) to Lisbon by car. The total distance stated is 256 Km but you should add an e (MORE)

What is Lisbon?

Lisbon [Lisboa] is the capital city of Portugal [A República Portuguesa]. It also is the largest city in Portugal. Lisbon is in central Portugal on the coast, at the point wh (MORE)

What year was lisbon founded?

People have been inhabiting Lisbon's region as soon as 8000BC, and from that time on until the year 1147 A.D. it was conquered and inhabited by a few other civilizations. At 1 (MORE)

Is Lisbon in Spain or not?

The famous Lisbon is in Portugal. Whether is some other place in Spain called Lisbon, I do not knwo.
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Does lisbon have a beach?

Lisbon city does not have a beach, but Lisbon Metropolitan Area does have beaches. Lisbon Metropolitan Area is a territorial zone that includes 18 municipalities (being one o (MORE)