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What is Maya Angelou legacy?

The groundbreaking of the African Burial Ground, October 5, 2007 / BornMarguerite Ann Johnson April 4, 1928 (1928-04-04) (age 81) Saint Louis, Missouri, U.S. / OccupationPoe (MORE)

What awards has Maya Angelou earned?

Angelou has earned The Ladies Home Journal Woman of the Year award, Matrix Award, The Golden Eagle Award and the International Woman of the year. In 1981, she accepted a speci (MORE)

Who is Maya Angelou?

Maya Angleou is an intelligent African American woman who is famous for poetry and active participation in the segregation movement in the 60's. She is also known for her supr (MORE)

How did Maya Angelou change the world?

Mya angelou influenced people with her word. She was also a close friend of Dr.Martin Luther King. Mya angelou encouraged many people. Especially her poetry. While many people (MORE)

How long was Maya Angelou a mute?

Maya was mute for 5 years. And her brother Bailey was her voice during that time period, because he was the person closest to her. And he was the only one she'd talk to or com (MORE)