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How do you move on?

  If the break up didn't end too badly or if you think you can, talk to the person and as hard as it is when you've been hurt, consider the facts. Finding out that someone (MORE)

How do spiders move?

Spiders have 8 legs. To move they fill their legs with blood, forcing the legs to straighten out. The front legs reach ahead of the spider and the back legs, when straightened (MORE)
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How do beavers move?

  Beavers have webbed hind legs that act like as a paddle when they swim through water. They have a large flat tail that helps them steer through water. Their tail is use (MORE)

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How do rabbits move?

Rabbits, like several other animals, have powerful hind legs. But unlike other animals, they use these to travel primarily by hopping. Because their hind legs are much longer (MORE)

How do ladybirds move?

Ladybugs move by flying and by walking. Six legs, three on each side of the abdomen, permit walking. Of two pairs of wings, one pair of two wings serves to facilitate flight w (MORE)

How turtle move?

With there arms and legs..............but this is suppose to be a secret but so many people are asking i dont even care anymore ...... well the secret is if you feed turtles b (MORE)

How do nematodes move?

Nerve-activated muscles are how nematodes move. Specifically, the roundworm in question ( Nematoda phylum)has a cuticle-covered epidermis (skin) over muscles controllingmov (MORE)

How do pelecypods move?

Pelecypods move with a single-muscled foot which is commonly  referred to as axe-foot. Snails and slugs are a good illustration  of how pelecypods move.

How do you get Hercules to move?

You have to get all five items and then give them to Zeus then Hercules will believe you and follow you to the underworld and the underwater cave and he will smash the rock an (MORE)