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Where are the Netherlands?

Answer . The Netherlands is situated in northwest Europe with much of its coastline facing eastern England. Between the Netherlands and England you'll find the Northsea. Th (MORE)

What is the meaning of Netherlands?

Netherlands is the English translation of 'Nederland'. Nederland  literally means 'low lying land' ('Neder' is an older word with the  definition low and 'land' means land). (MORE)

Religions of Netherlands?

Netherlands have distinct percentages of religions, like RomanCatholic (25%), Irreligious (50%), Muslim (5%), Dutch ReformedChurch (7%), Protestant Church in the Netherlands ( (MORE)

Why are the Netherlands called the Netherlands?

In Dutch, the language is called Nederlands (literally: Netherlandish ), which derives from the name Nederland . The origin of the word Nederlands is Dutch, but not so m (MORE)

What can you do in the Netherlands?

  You can go sightseeing all around the Netherlands. I would recomend the CoBrA Museum. If you want to stay a few days and you have tons of money, you can go to the Softil (MORE)

What religion does the Netherlands have?

The Netherlands is one of the most secular countries in Western Europe. The most people are atheïst. Currently Roman Catholicism is the single largest religion of the Netherl (MORE)

Why was Netherland named Netherland?

'Nederland' is an archaic Dutch word for 'low country'. 'The Low  Countries' is an old term for the Netherlands and part of  Belgium.  Low Countries might refer to how low (MORE)