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What is the city of netherland?

The capital city is Amsterdam. The government resides in The Hague. Other major cities are Rotterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven and Groningen.
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What is a Netherlands?

THE Netherlands is a country. It lies in western Europe and is a kingdom. Beatrix is Queen and is be-widowed from her husband Prince Claus of the Netherlands Her son is (MORE)

What is the meaning of Netherlands?

Netherlands is the English translation of 'Nederland'. Nederland  literally means 'low lying land' ('Neder' is an older word with the  definition low and 'land' means land). (MORE)

What is the Netherlands' religion?

The Netherlands don't have a state religion and the biggest group, 48% of the population, is non religious. 27% is Catholic, 16% Protestant, 1% other Christian streams, 6% is (MORE)

Where are the Netherlands?

Answer   The Netherlands is situated in northwest Europe with much of its coastline facing eastern England. Between the Netherlands and England you'll find the Northsea. (MORE)

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What is the culture in Netherlands?

The Netherlands is a multi-cultural country. But the people of origin are mostly catholics, but now the atheïstic group is growing. We celebratd queensday at 30th of april, t (MORE)

Liberation of the Netherlands?

The final liberation of the home-region of the Netherlands (that  is, its European lands) took place in May of 1945 after the German  surrender. Partial liberation had taken (MORE)

How hot is Netherlands?

It has a sea climate, so not very hot. It usually is very wet, because of the rain. Summers are usually between 18-27 degrees Celsius. But of course: you can never really pred (MORE)

Is Netherlands landlocked?

No. The country borders the North Sea (in the European part) in the  north and west, and the Caribbean Sea in the Caribbean part.
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Is Netherlands socialist?

The current government of the Netherlands is comprised of the  conservative liberal VVD and the Labour Party.    Socialist or communist parties have been or are part o (MORE)