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Is there gangster disciples in New Orleans?

yes. there is Gangster disciples through out the new orleans metropolitian area. ex; uptown folkks (uptown district), westbank insanes (westbank district insane gangster disci (MORE)

Where is New Orleans?

It is in southeastern Louisiana, just upstream from the Mississippi River delta. The city is in Orleans Parish (county), which is a coterminous division of the state. It be (MORE)

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How was the flood caused in New Orleans?

Levees and floodwalls in some parts of the city failed under the pressure of unprecedented high water pushed in by the storm surge of Hurricane Katrina. Weakened by rain, and (MORE)

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Which states border New Orleans?

There are three states that border the state of Louisiana where New Orleans is located they are: Texas, Mississippi, and Arkansas.
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How do you spell go in New Orleans?

The faux-French homophone geaux is used in the Cajun regions by fans of local sports teams such as the LSU Tigers, Tulane Green Wave and New Orleans Saints. This follows the (MORE)

What characterises New Orleans jazz?

A polyphonal front line. That means the three front line instruments of cornet (or trumpet), clarinet and trombone all play simultaneously weaving their individual improvisati (MORE)