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When was the Nintendo 64 invented?

The Nintendo 64 was originally codenamed "Project Reality," and the project started in August 1993. The design was first revealed in late Spring 1994, and was given the name N (MORE)

How do you dismantle a Nintendo 64?

Well, that would be difficult. I looked at my Nintendo 64 and noticed that there are no screws on the top or bottom. There are only these weird bolts that I have never seen (MORE)

How do you fix a Nintendo 64?

  Answer   There is no single way to "fix" a Nintendo 64! Tell us what's wrong with it, how long you've had it, and what you think caused it to break!
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When did Nintendo 64 come out?

Depending on what area you live in... The Nintendo 64 came out in Late 1996, or early 1997. Specific Dates: Japan: June 23rd, 1996 North America: September 29th, 1996 (MORE)

What does a Nintendo 64 transfer pack do?

The transfer pak allows you to play the original Pokemon games on the N64 game Pokemon stadium and Pokemon stadium plus it lets you trade with the games as well and lets you u (MORE)

Is minecraft for Nintendo 64?

No, PC, smart phone, xbox 360. But I see where your getting at, though! The graphics look very much like they could go on a nintendo 64 with some manoeuvring!
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