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Can you trade your Nintendo DS in for a Nintendo DSi?

You cannot trade in your DS for a DSi without paying extra money, due to the DSi being more advanced and up to date. Also, the condition of the item can control how much it is (MORE)

What does a Nintendo DSi have that a Nintendo ds hasent?

DSi has camera functions, internet capabilities, and the addition of the DS store. however, its not much of a difference in terms of game play unless you're talking about ge (MORE)

What does 'DS' stand for in Nintendo 'DS'?

dual screen seems the obvious answer. also double screen.but in 2003, Nintendo announced the release sometime in 2004 of a sucessor to the Gameboy series. In January 2004, the (MORE)

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Will there be a Pikmin game for the Nintendo DS?

There will not be a Pikmin released for the DS. Pikmin and Pikmin 2 were originally released by Nintendo exclusively for their GameCube console, however both games have been u (MORE)

What is the difference between Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite?

A Nintendo DS Lite is more light-weighted and it is also brighter  As the name implies, the Nintendo DS Lite is liter (I mean  lighter) in weight than the original DS. It is (MORE)
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Is Nintendo DS available in India?

Yes the Nintendo Ds is officially available in India.Though only a handfull of shops have them.I do know that it is available in Banglore and Mumbai.Some are giving the Ds wit (MORE)

What can you do on a Nintendo DS?

    You can do plenty of things on a ds. You can Picto Chat which allows you to communicate with other people close by.(like 52 feet) If you have purchased ds games, y (MORE)