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What is paternalism?

Paternalism is where the state oversees the provision of services in a way that is not empowering to people to act for themselves. For example after World War II, British peop (MORE)

What is legal paternalism? Legal paternalism: A justification for passing laws against some action(s) because the action(s) harms the person who d (MORE)

What does paternal mean?

Having to do with the father. Your paternal grandparents would be your father's parents; a man's paternal instincts would be his fatherly instincts, a paternity test would be (MORE)
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How do you get paterns on

Well, You get a few to start but if you want more them you have to buy them. To buy them go to the top right corner on the fashions when you are in the studio and click the (MORE)

What is paternal love?

Paternal love is love between one and their father. I.e having a strong relationship with your father and bonding with him over thins.

When can you do a paternity test?

You can do a test any time after the 10th week of pregnancy. There are two methods; amniocentisis or CVS sampling is done after the 12th week of pregnancy, both are invasive p (MORE)