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How do you pronounce Peugeot?

Pronounce this word as, PER-JYO, with a soft J. Pwee - Jo ( soft j )
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Would Peugeot 206 wheels fit a Peugeot 306?

the studs are the same 4x100, whether the offset is correct i dont know, i have seen 206 gti wheels on a 306 dturbo before though
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Does a peugeot 306 diesel engine fit a peugeot 206?

Probably could make it fit with a lot of work.. Its not something i would do though, far too much to convert.. As well as the engine you will need custom engine mounts, new ( Full Answer )
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What is Peugeot egc?

It is Electronic gear control. A semi automatic gear box which although takes getting use to, can return better mpg and the same performance as a manual box. The gears are cha ( Full Answer )
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How do you change clutch on Peugeot 106?

unless your a competent mechanic, it's a pain, rather take to garage, or if youre sure, buy a haynes manual, and follow that, it's not a fun side of road job tho.. gearbox has ( Full Answer )
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When was Peugeot established?

1810 as a coffee mill company 1830 as a bicycle manufacturer 1882 as a car manufacturer 1898 as a motorcycle company 1926 as a separate company
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Do Peugeot 206 wheels fit Peugeot partner vans?

Yes, there pcd are the same but depending on what tyres are fitted, theycould rub on the inside arch (especially the rears) as the offset is different and the whole wheel is s ( Full Answer )