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Why is Poland homogeneous?

Poland was one of Europes racially diverse societys in the  beginging of the 20th century. With the population being 69% Polish  before WW2, with a nearly 9% size Jewish min (MORE)
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Where was Czahary in Poland?

Czahary is a small village southeast of Zbaratz. Found within the borders of the Ukraine today, on Google Maps you can see a village labled Chahari-Zbaratz'ki. North 49° 36' (MORE)
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Where is Poland and cracow?

    Poland is a country in Europe. The western border of Poland is Germany, south is Czech Republic, East is Belarus, and North is the Baltic Sea. Crakow is a city in (MORE)
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What to wear in Poland?

i think that this whole discussion doesn't make sense at all. in most European cities people dress more or less the same way. nowadays among polish teenagers the most popula (MORE)

What are facts about Poland?

  There were several Poles who helped fight in the American Revolution   The Poles had the most effective resistance movement during World War II   The most effectiv (MORE)

What nationalities are there in Poland?

Poland is not very diverse when it comes to nationalities. With  Poles being majority [over 99%], other nationalities include:  Germans [ca. 190k], Belarusians [ca. 50k] and (MORE)
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Who is the President of Poland?

Bronislaw Maria Komorowski is the President of Poland. The Prime Minister is Donald Tusk. Komorowski first became the acting president of Poland as Marshal of the Sejm, afte (MORE)

When was Poland invaded?

It was invaded in 1939. I recently met a lady who was a little girl and saw the first shots of the war. She told me that there were airplanes that flew over, bombs dropped, an (MORE)

Who is the leader of Poland?

-the Head-of-State is a President of the Republic of Poland. After the death of former president Lech Kaczynski, the post is temporary occupied by the parliament's speaker Gr (MORE)