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What is Quantum Mechanics about?

It's the study of very small particles... so small that quantization becomes a noticeable factor in their behavior. Adding to the answer above you would also see quantum beh (MORE)
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What is an operator in quantum mechanics?

An operator has a dual meaning in the world of quantum mechanics. The more formal explanation is that an operator is a mathematical operation done to an equation. For example, (MORE)
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Can quantum mechanics and classical mechanics be connected?

Not sure what you mean by "connected," but a basic principle of quantum mechanics is that its laws must merge with those of classical mechanics if the particle being observed (MORE)

What is K space in quantum mechanics?

K space refers to a space where things are in terms of momentum and frequency instead of position and time and the way you convert between real space and k-space (or Fourier s (MORE)

What is quantum mechanics?

Quantum mechanics is the mathematical description of matter on an atomic and subatomic scale. It is focused around the wavefunction of a system. Wave functions contain all inf (MORE)

What is density matrix in quantum mechanics?

It is a Hermitian positive-semidefinite matrix of trace one that describes the statistical state of a quantum system. Hermitian matrix is defined as A=A^(dagger). Meaning th (MORE)

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