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What is a radio?

A "Radio", is a device that will allow you to listen to music, and different voices and noises from the speakers of the Radio.. A radio is a machine that sends signals over a (MORE)
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What is the radio?

the radio is a box that voices come out of dumbo. anyone who doesn't no that should go repeat first grade
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What does a radio do?

A Radio sends sound waves though the air and those waves are caught by the antenna's on our cars or on radio's in our homes and able us to listen to different music stations.. (MORE)
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How can you get on the radio?

I would suggest starting with a local broadcasting school. It is a hard industry to get into... especially now.
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What did the radio?

Italian inventor Guglielmo ( Bill, to Yanks) Marconi is generally considered the founder of Radio- largely radio-telegraph from l895 to about the turn of the century- radiotel (MORE)
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What is radio AM?

AM - Amplitude Modulation FM - Frequency Modulation AM radio is simply lower frequency sound waves caused from the transmitter. This can cause the sound to become very soft (MORE)
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Can you change an AM radio to an FM radio?

Not easily enough to make it worthwhile. It's something like changing a Ford into a Lexus. You could do it, but it would be faster, easier, and cheaper to buy the Lexus, and (MORE)
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Can you get XM radio on your home radio?

You can only "get" XM radio on your "home radio" if you have a XM tuner and a paid subscription. The XM radio service is service satellite based and does not utilize the same (MORE)
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What is am in radio?

AM stands for amplitude modulation. It refers to a way of encoding the sound signal so that it can be carried by radio waves of a (more or less) fixed frequency. The other co (MORE)