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What is rice?

A cereal grass (Oryza sativa) that is cultivated extensively inwarm climates for its edible grain. it also comes from the plantwhet I think.Rice is a swamp grass that is culti (MORE)
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What is in riced rice?

Riced rice is cooked rice that is strained through a ricer. A ricer is a kitchen gadget and can be used for mashed potatoes and guacamole as well. Riced rice has a more unif (MORE)
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What is in rice?

Rice is basically a poof of water. But the sugar content is high. Well, compared to how much it entirely is. Each grain contains alot of sugar, but the rie is very small, so t (MORE)
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What can you have with rice?

One can eat basically anything with rice, from beans, chicken or a simple broth. The basics are basically meats (including fish) and veggies. Some individuals also eat rice pl (MORE)

How do you know the answer to the rice rice rice riddle?

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What can you do with rice?

There are many recipes that can be prepared with Rice. Here are some suggestions that can be prepared with Rice. 1. Aamchoor Rice 2. Chitrannam (South Indian Special) 3. Thal (MORE)

What does rice do?

Rice is a healthy grain and rice will maky you smarter go on freerice (will help you be smarter too!)
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Where do you get rice from?

Rice is a type of grass which has been cultivated and improved in yield by man over many thousands of years. Seedlings are hand planted in flooded fields called paddy's. The r (MORE)
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Did saila rice is a brown rice?

Saila Chawal, also called as Parboiled Rice, is rice that has been par tially boiled in the husk. The three basic steps of parboiling are soaking, steaming and drying. Sail (MORE)