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Where is Senegal?

On the West coast of Africa.Senegal is a republic with a presidency; the president is electedevery five years as of 2001, previously being seven years, by adultvoters.
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Where did senegal get its name from?

The origin of the name "Senegal", is said to come from the African Wolof Tribe name of a dugout canoe in the land of Teranga (hospitality). . senegal gets its name from the ( Full Answer )
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What can you do in senegal?

i am from senegal and their are lots of things you can do over their like vist their new monument which is taller then the statue of liberty they been working on it forever yo ( Full Answer )
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What is Senegal in French?

The Republic of Senegal is known as la République du Sénégal in French, or more commonly Le Sénégal.
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What does Senegal mean?

Senegal means da country who like were people live and like speak like that french laungauge and stuff
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Who is the President of Senegal?

Macky Sall is the President of Senegal. He became the fourth President of Senegal on 2012 April 7. Macky Sall is a geological engineer by profession, previously holding the p ( Full Answer )
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What is the motto of senegal?

The motto is in French: "Un Peuple, Un But, Une Foi" Translated to English this means: One People, One Goal (or aim), One Faith snegal is smaller than the usa just a fact ( Full Answer )
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Do they have cars in Senegal?

yes there is only one car but its in the museum.and u have to pay to see
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Who governs senegal?

Senegal has two leaders, one under the title of "President of the Republic" and the other under the title of "Prime Minister". The current President of the Rep. is Me Abdoulay ( Full Answer )
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How rich is Senegal?

They are the richest country in the world... Because of all the tourists that they get.