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How old is Switzerland?

This is a bit of a difficult question because Switzerland pre-dates  the concept of independent sovereign states.    The Swiss Confederation was founded in 1291. At th (MORE)

Does Switzerland have a democracy?

Of course, Switzerland has a democracy. But it is a bit different in Switzerland, because people can influence political decisions directly not via the voice of their represen (MORE)

Is Holland in Switzerland?

Holland is correctly known as the Netherlands. The Netherlands and Switzerland are completely different countries in Europe. The Netherlands is a low-lying country borderi (MORE)

Does Switzerland have an army?

Yes, and military-service is compulsory for male citizens. As a consequence the "active" stock of soldiers is one of the highest among European countries.
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Does Switzerland have a monarchy?

No, it's a democracy republic. It has never been a monarchy Switzerland is a confederation of 26 semi-independent cantons. A canton is equivalent to what is called a state i (MORE)
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What is Switzerlands Nickname?

Switzerland hasn't really got a nickname, or you could say Switzerland is itself a nickname. The full official name translates into English as 'Swiss Confederation'. The off (MORE)

What is Switzerland?

Switzerland, federal republic in west central Europe. Switzerland  is a small, landlocked country set amid mountainous terrain in the  heart of the European continent. It is (MORE)

How did Switzerland became Switzerland?

Switzerland was created in 1291. At that time the modern concept of independent countries did not exist. The original Swiss confederation was much smaller than it is today. (MORE)