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Why do you have technology?

We have Technology because someone invented it for fun! We also have it because it can help our education, though fun as well. We also have it to make life easier to live and (MORE)

What does technology have?

Technology is the coolest thing on the planet!! If you have an Ipad it's like taking a mini computer around and checking things on it when you need to, also its like a giant c (MORE)

How has technology?

I assume you mean how is an AR-15 rifle made, so here we go: The AR-15 is based on the 7.62 mm AR-10, designed by Eugene Stoner of the Fairchild ArmaLite corporation.[9] The A (MORE)

What can technology do to you?

Nowadays, there are more opportunities in the world of business than there ever have been before. The Internet has become a vital part of today's business operations due to th (MORE)

What if there were no technology?

We'd just survive. Just like any other animals., technology has just simplified life but it doesn't mean that we can't live without it.... Our ancestors at first didn't have a (MORE)
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Who is a technologer?

technologers is to aware about all the personalities who  create,invent,develop or developed in field of technology and also  some cool tricks of daily life So keep visting (MORE)

What is technology'?

There are two ways to answer this one, and it's up to you to choose which one sounds right. First: Technology is any modern device that is greatly influential in the world. Se (MORE)