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What is disruptive technology?

A disruptive innovation is an innovation that helps create a new  market and value network, and eventually disrupts an existing  market and value network (over a few years o (MORE)

Why is technology universal?

Well, almost universal. There are groups such as the Amish in USA who eschew modern technologies, and possibly similar ones in other countries. However, technological advances (MORE)

Example of technology?

 computers  television  radio  car electronics  DVD player  iPod  Mobile phone     The mechanical equipment used to produce something
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Definition of technology?

It is a knowledge used to accomplish a task or goal. Such as the  technology to launch a rocket, or create a ballpoint pen. It also  refers to the products made from this kn (MORE)

Define the technology?

technology is the advanced science. it is also made to study  science further. thus, increasing the knowledge of man. it is the  application of skills and tools.    OR (MORE)

What is bluetooth technology?

Bluetooth is a wireless protocol for exchanging data over short distances from fixed and mobile devices, creating personal area networks. It can connect several devices, over (MORE)

What is technological change?

It happens all the time: humans get new ideas for how to do things  and make specialized tools to make it easier to do those things.   The earliest human technologies wer (MORE)

What are the sources of technology?

Best Social Plan has already said that math is the main source of  technology. Absolutely true. However, in this world almost  everything is related to one another. And so, (MORE)

Who invected technology?

Technology is a general term, like composing music. You need to be more specific. When it comes to US Technology, perhaps the most logical place to start would be the US pat (MORE)

Does technology itself create technology?

No, people create technologies to meet needs and wants from  known natural phenomena.   However technologies facilitate the creation of more technologies  as well as mor (MORE)