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What is a totalitarian state?

Answer      A state in which the government controls every aspect of public and private life.; Existed in Germany, Italy, and the Soviet Union. A totalitarian state i (MORE)

What does totalitarianism mean?

It is a system of governance in which just one political party is allowed, and that one party totally controls the lives of its citizens. Dissent is not allowed, and protest i (MORE)

Why did totalitarianism start?

  European totalitarianism (such as Nazism, Communism, and Fascism) began as a result of the Great Depression. The Depression had many country's citizens desperate for a (MORE)

What is a totalitarian society?

A totalitarian society, such as Hitler's Germany and Stalinist Russia, is one in which the state controls all aspects of life and the state usually has ubuquitous authoritativ (MORE)

What did totalitarianism have to do with the Holocaust?

Totalitarianism has alot to do with the Holocaust. Hitler used the power of controlling all the media to blame all misfortune that came onto Germany, on the Jewish. If somethi (MORE)

Where does totalitarianism exist?

There are presently a number of totalitarian states on Earth; the most extreme example is that of North Korea. Burma (also known as Myanmar) is also notable for its totalitar (MORE)

Who controls what you think in a totalitarian government?

Nobody can actually control what a person thinks other than that  particular person, but the governments and secret police in  totalitarian states do as much as they can to (MORE)