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What is a totalitarian society?

A totalitarian society, such as Hitler's Germany and Stalinist Russia, is one in which the state controls all aspects of life and the state usually has ubuquitous authoritativ (MORE)

What are some non-examples of totalitarianism?

Democracy Freedom of speech no force to join the army a belief that all races are good, and there is no comparison between races nothing against jews, gypsies, black people, (MORE)

Which countries have totalitarian systems today?

Many countries today still have totalitarian governments. People's republic of China, Burma, Cuba, Vietnam, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, North Korea, United Arab Emirates, Yem (MORE)

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What countries in Africa have totalitarian governments?

Zimbabwe, under Robert Mugabe . Congo Brazzavile, under Denis Sassou Nguesso . Uganda, under Yoweri Musseveni . Gambia, under Yahya Jammeh . Rwanda, under Kagame Paul
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What does totalitarianism mean?

It is a system of governance in which just one political party is allowed, and that one party totally controls the lives of its citizens. Dissent is not allowed, and protest i (MORE)

Who controls what you think in a totalitarian government?

Nobody can actually control what a person thinks other than that  particular person, but the governments and secret police in  totalitarian states do as much as they can to (MORE)

Was Leon Trotsky a totalitarian?

Yes, Trotsky was a totalitarian in the sense that he would permit no deviation from the Bolshevik/Communist plan for the country whether the people wanted it or not. Trotsky w (MORE)