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How did Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart die?

He had heart failure from rheumatic fever. (That's one theory). At least 40 different theories have been put forth and many claim they have the evidence to back up their wri (MORE)

Was wolfgang amadeus Mozart married?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the famous musical genius born in  Salzburgo, married Constanze Weber in the year 1782, not without  causing some uproar in both families, since his (MORE)

Did wolfgang amadeus Mozart have tourettes?

Yes. In 1992, an article was written in the British Medical Journal, speculating that Mozart had Tourette Syndrome. The truth is we will probably never know whether he had Tou (MORE)

Where was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart buried at?

No one knows where Mozart was buried because in old days they buried people in one big pit. It was to hard to keep track of the people they buried in each pit. Mozart was not (MORE)

Was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart deaf?

 No...Beethoven was deaf   ANSWER:  Not only was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart not deaf, he was able to keep his hearing long after his death, and in the tomb of which he was (MORE)

Where did Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart live?

He was born and lived in Austria, dying in Vienna in 1791. He did  travel widely in earlier years, sometimes with his father, to  perform concerts in places like London, Par (MORE)

Why is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart famous?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was known as an "infant prodigy". By the age of four, he began playing music. By five he was very good at clavier and had composed little pieces. By ei (MORE)

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