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What rhymes with wrestling?

One Word: meddling, settling, stenciling. Two Words Or More: best thing ( for this you would have to stretch the syllable out so it sounds symmilar) mess with me ( do not me (MORE)

When was wrestling invented?

It was invented in 1100 A.D. It means hand-to-hand combat and is  one of the oldest English words.   WWE Wrestling was made in the late 50's when it was called WWF.
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How wrestling is played?

wrestling is a sport and no kicking and stuff like that that is  fake wrestling like wwe and tna
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What is a '' takedown'' in wrestling?

A takedown in wrestling is kind of self-explanatory. It means the way an opponent or opponents take down their opponent to the ground. For example, a clothesline would be a ta (MORE)

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How is wrestling fake?

Wrestling is not fake because i have experience and i have been injured many times. Right now I am very badly injured. I am not a pro but i was about to go to NXT season 1, bu (MORE)
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What is Endorphin wrestling?

Endorphin Wrestling is NaturalMotion software that uses the laws of gravity to help make scenes. It doesn't have to be wrestling it can be anything. You can download the leani (MORE)
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What is the wrestling?

  an organized sport with rules and techniques in which a person stuggles to press or pin their opponet's shoulders and/or back to the ground, the game is kind of a diplay (MORE)

Who was the founder of wrestling?

You would have to be more specific as to what type of wrestling (or which federation) you are asking about. Wrestling in general has been around for centuries. Professional Wr (MORE)
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Who watchs wrestling?

People who are interested obviously who would ask that question people that are not interested don't watch it do they it's people that are that watch it think next time you as (MORE)