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Is wrestling planned?

  There are a number of different kinds of wrestling. It can be done as an actual athletic competition, in which case the outcome is not planned but depends upon the skill (MORE)

What are ages for wrestling?

it is simple, as long as your healthy and in good shape to take the  pain that is involved, there is no age limit when it comes to  wrestling. Well, actually, i think you ne (MORE)

How do you do wrestling?

go to a pro wreslting school and if you want to make it to the big leagus i suggest you put on lots of muscle first then go train and wwe or tna will look at you for your size (MORE)

Why is wrestling planned?

Not all wrestling is. WWE is for ratings which means money. The rivalries, many moves and even the victor are usually predetermined beforehand although much commentary and man (MORE)
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What is rko in wrestling?

  The name RKO stands for Randal Kieth Orton the move is a diamond cutter originally performed by DDP Diamond Dallas Page
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What is the wrestling?

  an organized sport with rules and techniques in which a person stuggles to press or pin their opponet's shoulders and/or back to the ground, the game is kind of a diplay (MORE)
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How does wrestling help you?

it helps a lot! i can mental push you, make you stronger, get girls, helps you in other sports like foot ball, makes you feel strong and tough and tons more
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What is nxt wrestling?

NXT is a show owned by WWE. It's a show they broadcast on their website, The show was originally supposed to be a competition where a bunch of rookies would compete i (MORE)
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Is wrestling an adjective?

No, it is a noun (the action of wrestling, or the competitive sport). When used with a noun (wrestling match, wrestling hold), it is considered a noun adjunct. It can also be (MORE)