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This is on a 1998 Olds. Intrigue 3800 V6

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How do you remove the crankshaft pulley in a Chrysler pt cruiser?

The crankshaft pulley on a PT Cruiser bolts on. After removing the vehicle belt and pulley bolt, use a pulley puller to break the pulley loose and remove it.

Do you have to remove the power steering pulley in order to remove the bracket on a 93 Chevrolet pickup with a 350 Does the pulley have a bolt in the center?

power steering pulley is pressed on. to remove pulley, u need to completely remove pump from vehicle and take it to a mechanic that has right tools for removing

How do you remove the crank shaft vibration dampener on a 1998 Chrysler Sebring convertible?

After removing the right front tire and fender liner, you remove the serpentine belt. You then remove the crank bolt and use a puller to remove the pulley.After removing the right front tire and fender liner, you remove the serpentine belt. You then remove the crank bolt and use a puller to remove the pulley.

How do you pull a damper pulley from a Chevy 350?

If you are just removing the pulley, Then just remove the bolts that hold it on being sure to remove the bolt that is in the middle of the pulley too. Then take a hammer and knock it off.

How do you remove power steering pulley without removing power steering pump from your 1997 Buick Le Sabre?

It is not possible to remove the power steering pulley on a 1997 Buick Le Sabre without removing the power steering pump.

Removing pully from power steering pump do you need to remove the pump or is there a trick to it?

To get the pulley off requires a pulley puller to do it. You do not have to remove the PS pump to do it. It also takes a special tool to put the pulley back on too.

You need to remove the power steering pump Do you remove pulleypumpbracket first then try and get pulley off repair manual says remove pulley first but removal tool too long to fit.?

There is a bolt that is blocked by the pulley. In order to remove the pump you need to remove that bolt. So you need to remove the pulley first to get access to that bolt.

How do you replace the belt tensioner of a 96 Maxima 30?

Loosen the bolt in the center of the idler pulley. Then loosen the pulley and remove the belt. There is 3 bolts behind the idler pulley that remove the entire pulley assembly. One is located above the pulley to the top right and the other 2 bolts are below the pulley on either side. It will help to take the wheel off and remove the plastic access panel behind the wheel to the front side of the axle. Then you can drop the pulley out from the bottom and replace the pulley or whole assembly either one at this point. Reverse instructions to reassemble.

How do you get the water pump bolt that is behind the pulley for the power steering pump loose when all other bolts are out and you pulled a muscle trying to get the pulley off?

You need to remove the entire power steering pump. There are two bolts holding it on at the 12 and 6 o'clock position. Remove these via the holes in the power steering pump pulley. (no need to remove the pulley) Push the pump to the side and you then have access to the water pump bolt. Hope this helps. "G"

Hw do you remove power sterring pump pulley on a 91 Cadillac Seville?

Begin by removing the power steering pump belt from your 1991 Cadillac power steering pump pulley. Remove the power steering pump pulley retaining bolt. The retaining bolt will be in the center of the pulley.

How do you remove the power steering pump on a 2001 Monte Carlo?

Start by removing the lines, drain the fluids, then remove the pump pulley. After that, remove the mounting bolts.

How do you change the serpentine tension pulley on a 1993 Saturn SC1?

The easiest way to access the pulley is to remove the front right wheel and fender liner. The pulley will be right behind the liner.

How do you put on a water pump pulley for the serpentine belt on a 1995 Chevy Lumina minivan?

there should be 3 or 4 bolts that hold pulley on, just remove these bolts a pulley should come off. but remove belt first ! if pulley keeps turning while removing bolts. you can hold it stationary with a scredriver or similar.

How do you remove power steering pump in 1995 Toyota 4runner?

To remove the power steering pump, you will have to disconnect the air control valve hoses( two of them buttom of pump) then the retun hose. then the high presure hose. the pulley well have to be removed before you can remove the pump. the way to remove the pulley is by removing a nut that holds the pulley in place. then to frace the pulley off the pump use a ball joint separater tool between the pump and the pulley and hammer it until the pulley slides off. then unblot it form the bracket.

Cannot access windows xp because you Installed Kaspersky without removing norton is there an access route?

How I remove Kaspersky ?

How do you change front crank seal on a Nissan sentra 1.6?

Lift car on jack stands, remove right wheel for better access,remove any belts, remove pulley bolt, then use a pulley remover to remove pulley, carefully pry out old seal thebn tap in new seal with mallet or plastic hammer, if pulley has ridges on it you may have to replace pulley or you might still have leaks. reinstall pulley,bolt, belts and wheel. Good Luck.

How do you change idler pulley on 2001 Monte Carlo?

You can change an idler pulley on a 2001 Monte Carlo by first, removing the negative cable from the battery. Using a socket wrench, loosen the tension adjustment bolt. Slide the serpentine belt away from the pulley. Remove?æthe center bolt, and remove the pulley from the engine. Replace the pulley,?æreturn and tighten the bolts, and replace the serpentine belt.

Have a 1993 geo storm doch 1.6 motor have a front seal leak but you can't get the crank pulley to budge to remove it what are you doing wrong?

Removing the crank pulley requires an impact wrench

How do you remove the power steering pulley from a 1969 ford truck?

To remove the pulley you must use a "puller", I removed my pump first but with the good type of puller you might not need to. The shaft on my pump has a hole in the end with an "Allen" type inset which has nothing to do with removing the pulley. (its not a screw). Remember to flush and bleed your new setup to remove dirt and air.

How do you replace the idler pulley on a 1997 grand prix?

Remove belt If you just want to change pulley remove center bolt - it is usually LEFT hand thread If you want to change entire unit remove bolt at spring - usually RIGHT hand thread

Can you remove the belt pulley from a power steering pump without causing any damage?

There is a special puller for removing the pulley. You can find it at your local parts store. Most have it as a loaner tool free of charge.

How do you remove replace tensioner on 3.0 liter grand caravan?

First, Disconnect the negative battery terminal from the battery. Then remove the A/C belt. Next remove the serpentine belt. Then remove the idler pulley using a 15mm closed end wrench. Next, remove the bolt securing the tension-er pulley and remove the pulley from the spring base. Next, remove the alternator. Once the alternator is removed you have access to get to the 15mm nut securing the tension-er pulley assembly. Remove the nut and then the spring base. Go in reverse for the assembly.

How do you remove water pump on 1992 dodge dynasty?

The water pump is driven by the pulley and serpentine belt on the left side of the engine. You'll need to remove the water pump pulley to access the water pump housing bolts. You may need to remove other pulleys to access the bolts. Replace the water pump gasket to prevent leaks.

How do you remove the crank pulley on Mitsubishi 3.0 v-6?

remove all belts,tensioners etc, remove pulley bolt, use HARMONIC BALENCER PULLEY to remove - DO NOT USE NORMAL PULLEY REMOVER - must be pulled from center of pulley not from outer edge

Where is the oil pump on a 99 Toyota Camry?

You have to remove the timing belt and the crankshaft pulley if you want to get access to the oil pump. The oil pump itself is just behind the crankshaft pulley.