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In this category you will find Racing is a sport of contests of speed in competition, such as the running, riding, and driving in series using animals and motorized vehicles.
February 22, 1959 and was won by Lee Petty.
Driven by Ray Harroun, the Marmon Wasp (race car) was in the firstIndianapolis 500 race in 1911, and won.
Lots of people think it was "7" - wrong! Richard Petty only had 3 Winston Cup Championships , the others were Grand National and others. . I must honorably disagree. Richard Petty won Won 7 WCS, (Winston Cup Series) Championships: 1964, '67, '71, '72, '74, '75, '79. Call it Grand National, or what...
If you are talking about the Kentucky Derby, the horse was Jet Pilot.
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It is hard to predict unless you know what the layout of the arenais going to be. The higher sideline seats have a better overallview, while the lower ones have a closer view of the trucks. Theclosest seats are usually off-limits for safety reasons, andaccidents have occurred when fans occupy ground...
The Kentucky Derby, the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes. Hat trick
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Yes. Dale Sr. had two brothers and two sisters. Brothers Danny and Randy, and sisters Cathy and Kaye.
\nHorse racing was very popular during the Depression. Seabiscuit was a sports celebrity, a day at the races offered affordable entertainment (if you watched your gambling), with low general admittance prices for the grandstand area and increasing prices for clubhouse and turf club admittance. Plus,...
In horse racing, a chalk player is a bettor who tends to bet on the favorites.
The oldest person to run the Iditarod was Norman D. Vaughan. Hecompleted the race four times. He was born in 1905.
On January 25, 2010 USF1 announced the signing of Jose Maria Lopez of Argentina as a driver for the 2010 season. Lopez' experience includes test driving for Renault, one year driving F3000, and two years in GP2 where he won one race and finished on the podium seven times. The second driver has...
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At the end of a horse race the winner's head crosses the finish line followed immediately by the next horse. This is a very close race. To win by a nose means the same thing, but instead of the head crossing the finish line first it is just a nose.
As a person pushes a box across a floor, the energy from theperson's moving arm is transferred to the box, and the box andfloor become warm. During this process, energy is?
because thats how they made it to go fast
because they are extremely good at it .. theyre very very fast .. mine can pull at 35mph .. and huskies can pull a sled for a hundred miles without taking rest. they are quick to move and quick to react .. they were bred for pulling and trust me a husky loves to pull ..
A race car can go up to 200 miles per hour.
There is no 'one' breed that is more prone to injury. Its what kind of work or sport the horse is doing. Young horses that are asked to do too much too soon is usually where a lot of trouble starts. Young race horses sustain leg injuries. Jumping horses can break down the legs and reining horses...
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blow your car with a C4
Rent a Ktm Bike with
Jimmie Johnson was the winner with 6,723 points.
Mark Martin has the second most wins in the Nascar Nationwide Series, with 49 . Kyle Busch is first.
Kyle Busch with 70 wins Mark Martin with 49
you need 10w40 non synthetic oil for this bad bike!!!!!
Electronic ignition was starting to be used on enduro bikes byearly 1980's.
There is a phenomenon called 'magnetic banding' where rockpreserves the orientation of the earth's magnetic field at the timeit's created at constructive plate boundaries. The earth's magneticfield flips every so often in geological history, so we see bandsof rock in the sea floor with alternating...
in a nascar cor you can go up to 170 miles per hour and if you have it in high gear you can up to 180 miles per hour
the people called Hittites. :)
I think you run a superbike by running a super bike?
No, it was Lennie Pond. He was controversially chosen over Darrell Waltrip for the honor for Rookie of the Year in 1973.
If the outside diameter changes, then the speedometer will change
The one runner snow sled was invented by Byron Thomas Knight II born in Los Angeles, California. 1929. The one runner sled was designed to glide through the snow on one blade much like an ice skate and sat just one person.
When going up jump press shift and ford then press back to do a back flip.
There is a school, I think in Texas, called UTI. Universal, Technical, Institute. Start there.
Phar Lap, the great Australian race horse, had been taken to America to compete and died suddenly. He had been apparently healthy until less than 48 hours before he died in agony. His death showed typical symptoms of arsenic poisoning. Most people at the time thought that he had been poisoned...
The great Phar Lap had a career record of 51 starts with 37 wins. Some of the races he won were the Melbourne Cup and the AJC Craven Plate three times. Click on the 'Phar Lap' link on this page to read a biography of him along with seeing where he placed in all 51 of his starts.
I am thinking that it maybe the network in Europe for barges. Onlything is it was about 2000 miles in length. The barges were fineuntil rail came along and killed it quickly.
yes and no barium instigates the horses and no i kinda is used aprep techinique
The mare Pilot Bird (born in 1983) never raced. The other Mare,Pilot Bird (born in 1971) came in first in the Canadian Derby Trialin August of 1974 she did not compete in the Canadian Derbyhowever.
In 2014, the Melbourne Cup will be on Tuesday, November 4 2014.
If you're asking transmission oil, the oil capacity is stamped on the motor by the fill plug in cc's. \n. \nIf you are asking about premixing your gas, that would depend on what type of oil you will be using for your premix. The oil base stock is either petroleum, semi-synthetic or synthetic oil...
Ferrari, with 16 constructors championships
Mares and stallions are both raced but not usually against each other. Stallions are bigger and stronger and its hard for mares to compete with that.
The sport of horse racing is the competition of horses of the same breed running against each other. They are usually divided by sex, age, and races won. Although Thoroughbred racing is the most common other breeds have racing programs too. The American Quarter Horse is the fastest horse on earth...
on a normal pattern, it is usually 16 seconds or less.. :)
I think the term is a string. This is also the word a group of poly ponies.
Because more networks than just FOX put up the rights fees to air the races. NASCAR feels that its Winston Cup package can command rights fees that only multiple networks can offer.
The Mother: Alice Laramée. The Father: Onésime Richard. It took me 5 minutes to figure it out.. Thats where I found it. Good Luck Everyone!!
If its in the upper end (head/cylinder) it could be piston slap, it needs to be replaced, if its in the lower end (transmission), you need to pull apart before you BLOW-IT-APART. My recommendation is to find the problem and fix it before you ride or start it again, you can ruin your motor. Good-Luck...
You must consider the number of people on the payroll, the size ofthe shops, the number of back-up cars, spare parts, haulers,equipment with-in the shops, number of driver teams, and of course,the Sponsor(s) for said Team. The Funds provided by the Sponsorsfor some of your more notable Car Owners...
The nose is the first part of the horse to cross the finish line.To "win by a nose" means that the winner just barely beat thesecond place finisher -- by the length of his nose.
Sure, why not? It's not the racing itself that is a problem in most cases, it's the way the dogs are treated by their trainers and owners. Greyhounds love running. They enjoy it. Many racetracks treat their dogs really well and the dogs are happy. Of course, a controversial aspect of greyhound...
Formula One cars run at very low ground clearance levels. They are less than a few centimetres away from the actual race track and sometimes when drivers take turns in an aggressive fashion, the bottom plank even hits the ground at times. Since they are aerodynamically superior they can run at such...
A t-shirt with NASCAR Rocks! Written is glow in the dark letters. Jeans are pretty good too as they are easy to put out if they catch on fire.. Rules for the pits are, shirt with at least short sleeves, (no tank-tops) long pants, no open toed shoes, you must be 18 yrs. old, (drivers, crew chiefs,...
AJ Foyt, Al Unser Sr, and Rick Mears have won 4 times with Foyt being the first to do so.
Held on the third Saturday in May so the date varies a bit eachyear.
the setup will affect the speed but the fastest done is 200 miles per hour/ 321 kilometres per hour
Like any other car. What you will need is a car with great power. 1) Turn in. 2) Floor it. 3) Let of the throttle. 4) Make an opposite lock. 5) Balance throttle and steering 6) Turn out. - Do not relie on this tutorial as your only source to make a successful powerslide/drift. - regards...
There is no longer Winston Cup. It is now Sprint Cup and Jimmie Johnson won his fourth consecutive championship in 2009.
The person who waves the flags at a Nascar race is called the Nascar flagman.
Ferrari has a huge lead in this category. They have consistentlybeen a top automobile corporation. Their reputation was greatlyenhanced when Michael Schmacher was an active driver for them.