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A bicycle is a two-wheeled, man-powered vehicle. Any questions about purchasing, riding, or maintaining a bicycle can be asked here.


Probably, but you're best off measuring the bars first. A BMX bar is 7/8" (22.2 mm) by the grips.
Depends on what you mean. If you're skilled enough you can get on backwards on just about any bike, and ride it facing the wrong way. If you've got what's called a fixie(a bike where the pedals always move then the rear wheel moves) then it can be ridden backwards. If you've got a bike with a...
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Ice is slippery, and a bicycle has to be balanced. If one of the wheels slips away a little you go down. Even if you can maintain your balance while the wheels are sliding you can't really brake during a slide, so you might simply run into something.
Battery operated ones are just like flashlights in another shape. Dynamo operated ones are also very much like flashlights, but w/o the battery compartment. Instead they have a dynamo(AKA generator) stuck somewhere on the bike which draws power from the bicycle's motion to power the lamp.
There's too much personal preference to pick a reliable "best"bike. But first and foremost you need to pick one suitable for thetype of riding you want to do. If you have the possibility, buying a used bike from a shop isusually a good idea. From a shop, you can get support and help withany...
Alienation Black Sheep Double Wall Rims, front and back
theres some rails on buck Owens blvd right off of rosedail hwy.. there alittle hidden youll havta look around to find them.... bakersfield high school has a nice set of big rails in the back parking lot...
i've done some searching and i haven't found any forks with outbrake mounts but some body i knew used a grinder and grinded thebrake mounts of and painted over them but only do that if youreally don't want brake mounts
Depends on how soft the dirt is. For street (which is a hard surface) you want a fairly smooth tread pattern, but for dirt (which is usually softer) you usually want knobblier tires with more sticking-out bits that can dig into the surface for good traction.
Probably a 15mm to take off the axle nuts, but it depends on your pegs, and your axles.
Yes, quite. With the rider that high and that close to the front wheel axle they were prone to forward somersaults during hard braking. Lacking freewheels the pedals could give your feet a good whack if you took them off the pedals during a descent. The height of the bike made for a risk all by...
The bicycle brake was invented by Browett and Harrison in 1887.
It's your basic electromagnetic device. Pressing the pickup wheel of the dynamo against a bicycle wheel in motion cause the inner parts of the dynamo to spin. What's spinning is a pair of magnets surrounded by coils. When the magnetic field through a coil changes you get electricity. That...
Sort of. There's a bicycle brand named Raleigh, but they have several types of bikes.
Buy a bike, get some rides in, contact a club. Participate in club rides, sign up for races.
Because it contains the mechanical components defined as wheels and axles.
Not unless they have grit and stones trapped in the tire treads.... But metals start out as minerals, and most bikes are made from metals.
There's really no telling. Specialized has a range of bikes, at different price levels. On top of that they can be bought new, used or on sale.
Correct! Unless you're on a bike path, in which case there are no real laws defining how many people can ride next to each other.
There's no set answer to that, it depends on what your preferences are. If you want a bike that's easier to get moving - get a lower gearing(bigger sprocket). If you want a higher top speed - get asmaller sprocket.
Grab the yellow pages, or do a net search for painters + your city. You can try powdercoating too. Powdercoat gives a strong coat that don't chip easily. Beware that for a good result all the components has to be removed from the frame, and the frame has to be prepped(sanded, media blasted, cleaned....
Becacuse it's hard to build stuff out of liquids and gasses.
First of all, the rest of the cycling community calls the thing by the rear wheel for sprocket, and the thing by the pedals for chain ring or chain wheel - but I understand what you mean. And only you can answer your original question, as it depends on how you want your bike to behave. If you want...
Bicycles with external gears have two, one guide pulley and onetension pulley, both in the rear derailleur. Some bicycles havefurther pulleys on the frame for either the brake or the shifterwire to run over.
Biking started the moment the bicycle was invented. . But regular biking, in important numbers, let's say early1900. . Time enough for the chain-driven "safety" bike(which looks a lotlike modern bikes) to be invented, and for the production industryto get up to speed.
Basically: - pull one side of tire off the rim - pull out tube - locate hole. Easiest done by inflating tube and then dunking it in water, see where it bubbles - use the right "glue", something called a vulcanizing solution, and a repair patch - reinsert tube - wring tire back, be careful with tube ...
Tire, tube, rim strip, rim, spoke nipples, spokes, hub, bearings, axle, quick release skewer/axle nuts
I'm asuming that "K" is for kilometers... 22/1,6=13.75 miles
Mainly because of tradition. A possible "reason" is that it's because of the English influence. If you ride on the left side of the road, then you'll want to mount the bike from its left side. So if you stick the chain on the right side there's slightly less risk of rubbing up against the oily...
90% R&D is used for the quality increase from 90% to 100%.
George Braeger an histeam
The Netherlands have the most bicycles per capita.
Yes, it will work. If it'll be the best for you or not is another question.
Because the so-called "safety bike", with chain drive and equally sized wheels was so much better in every aspect. It could be braked hard w/o toppling over, it was far easier to get on/off, it was lighter, smaller and easier to store. It could go faster. Oh, there were several reasons: . they...
Not really. The Penny Farthing design had some serious drawbacks, the biggest being that it was prone to topple over forward during braking. So once the far superior design of the chain driven "safety" bike was known, the Penny Farting became an engineering dead end, and then simply dead.
I like them because I can go fast and adventure in new places, I can also jump drop and ride wall rides so it's gives me a adrenaline rush like no other. Others like them as its a easier way to cover longer distance at a good Pace and for simalar reasons to mine
Depends on what type of racing it's used for. A nice road bike will weigh about 7 kg/15 lbs.
Sure you can make your own bike, as long as you have all the right tools, equipment, and pieces to construct your bike.
Just like any other disc brake out there. the rotor is pinched between pads in the caliper, and the friction slows the wheel down. Just like they do on a car or a motorcycle. The disc AKA rotorpasses between two brake pads that sits in a caliper. When thebrake is actuated the rotor gets pinched...
You should treat a cyclist like a car. If a car in the situation the bike is in would have the right of way, then yes the bike has the right of way.
I use a mirror with a slight convex curve - like the outside of a spoon, but a lot less bent. But it's hard to find a good one. If you fasten a flat mirror most places on a bicycle, the mirror image will shake around so you can't see it. Also, in a convex mirror, you can see more of the road. But if...
The wheels will act a bit like flywheels by themselves, but there's no separately engineered item that's a flywheel.
I have one! It's a cruiser style bike and was around $700 canadian. Super fun to ride!
He used to take drugs to enhance his cycling ability
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i would go for an eastern :)
Newton's first law of motion tells us that something set in motion will stay in uniform motion until acted upon by an external force. So when you are coasting on a bicycle on a flat, level road, you would go on forever if there were no forces to slow you down. . Friction and wind resistance are...
An appropriate inequality would be to look at what at most means - at most means that it could be less and it could be equal to, but not more. That is, S
bunch - a peleton, group of cyclists riding together break - one or more cyclists racing ahead of main group suck the wheal - drafting behind another cyclist droped - one or more cyslists that could not keep the temp of the leaders
Yes, but it's usually strongly related to where you're riding. If it's on shared paths it's mostly about showing consideration to other users. Some trails can have designated riding directions to help avoid collisions. Avoid skidding, as it can cause massive erosion issues. Stay on trails, go gently...
Easy, walk into a store, pick one and pay for it. Joking aside, start with determining your budget, and what kind of riding you want to do, then go to sites like and begin reading the reviews. Once you've figured out a few likely candidates, start shopping. If it's your first real bike...
There are quite a few things that has to match up. . Steerer tube type, threaded or non-threaded . Steerer tube diameter . Brake type, rim, disc-post mount, disc-IS mount . Suspension travel in mm, usually between 80-140 mm . Wheel size, 26" is most common but not the only one Decide how much...
It's cardiorespiratory/aerobic exercise.
I've never heard that comparison, so you have to ask them. It's not a common thing to do.
If you're looking for just the drivetrain, IRO has some good options, they have package deals on their website for $120 or so. Otherwise if you're looking to buy the parts individually - Crankset - $80 + up Chainring - $20 + up Singlespeed chainring bolts - $10 Singlespeed chain - $10 + up...
The bicycle was the first affordable personal transportation device that allowed people to work, study and date outside walking range.
I'd go to a bicycle store. Shoe fit is too picky for me to want tobuy them on mail order.
It's not the wheelie as such, but if you're doing it in traffic it might be seen as reckless behaviour. It's hard to steer and brake when you're pulling a wheelie.
If you mean why bicycles are useful: . Good Exercise . Good for the environment . Fun!
Pretty much everywhere. Department stores, bicycle stores, in trailparks, on the roads, being used for casual riding.
A bicycle with seats, pedals and handlebars for two people, one after the other.
The word BMX stands for B icycle M oto X , with the X being short for cross . Apart from that I don't think a BMX is considered an established symbol for anything. Freedom to ride, crash and scrape your knees perhaps.
Yes. All traffic must go the correct way. the cyclist has done the equivalent of going the wrong way along the road, so they are at fault. Another View: On streets that have only one bike lane marked it may become necessary for bikers to ride against the flow of traffic. In that case, if the car...
dyno is gt technicly but dyno was only made for afew years and they didnt perfect it i have one i love it but name brand gts' are better
Bicycles as a rule haven't got reverse gears. There are a few rare 2-speed hubs, where pedalling backwards will engage the lower gear. The bike will still move in the same direction though. In practical terms you're better off putting your foot down and and pushing backwards with that. If you...
Usually some muddy thinking. The old sizing systems referred to the size, the diameter of thecomplete wheel - inflated tire, on its rim. Trouble is, the overall diameter varies with the width of the tire,and people tend to replace tires a lot more often than they replacerims. This means that a...
Don't really understand what it is you want to measure. You've got the BCD(bolt circle diameter) already, and you can just count the teeth.
You can, but it wouldn't bring you any measurable advantage.
Cars are more comfortable, can go faster, longer and carry more stuff.
In several ways. First wheels and axles means that you don't have to carry the weight. Secondly it has gear that allows you to choose a reduction ratio. Thirdly it has the ability to freewheel down descents, which saves you some energy.
Both the bike rider and the car rider will be using up chemical energy and turning it into kinetic energy. The main difference is that the car is (probably) using up fossil, non-renewable fuels like gas or diesel, while the bike rider is fueled by food. And food is a renewable resource, we can grow...
An Idler Gear is usually used to maintain a stable tension on a belt or chain, OR it is used to redirect the position of the belt or chain. An idler gear transmits no power to or from the belt or chain.
No. There's a small increase in risk of mild asthma-related breathing symptoms, but that's all. If you're OK with skiing, skating or running at that temp you're OK to ride a bike. Keeping hands and feet warm might be an issue though.
Probably not a lot, bicycles rarely become expensive collectibles. Your best bet to find out is to look for similar bikes on ebay, craigslist and such and see how they're priced.