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Nightcrawler is the codename of German born Kurt Wagner. Kurt is a frequent member of the X-men, notable for his friendly demeanor and teleportation abilities.
He comes in in Issue 7, which is also Volume 2: return to weapon-x. I think you'll find that they don't look into his story very well after that. Plus; Ultimate is a rather **** version.
The marks or scars are actually ancient Enochian symbols, which isconsidered to be an angelic language.
It hasn't been said that Kurt is older or younger then Rogue. In the comics, they seem very close in age. However, in the X-Men Evolution TV show, Kurt is a year younger then Rogue. In Wolverine and the X-Men and the Movies, Kurt is shown older then Rogue.
I think Nightcrawler would win, as he has the ability to move anwhere in a fraction of a second, whereas spiderman is stuck to this dimension. however, they do both seem fairly gymnastic, Nightcrawlers teleporting makes him THAT much better.
-Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) -Storm -Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat) -Dazzler
play battle 3 to 4 times spider man vs storm
During the time between X2 and The Last Stand, Nightcrawler quit because of the violence being an X-Man entails and he could not handle it because he does not like hurting people.
Of course she does. In her own special Mystique kind of way. She may have a great deal of motherly love for him - but that's not to say that if he gets in the way she wont hurt him.
Though this situation would depend on a lot of variables, in myopinion, I think a character with telekinesis would be the best,like Jean Grey. She could keep a fair distance away and use herpowers almost invisibly, so as not to expose anyone.
First of all, Night crawler's predictable. Then,secondly, if we can catch hold of his dust particles,then we can contain him forever!! Then if he get a wound on his crow-like skin,he can't teleport either.
Ksy, first, Nightcrawler would sneak up behind Cyclops and steal his visor. Cyclops wouldn't open his eyes, in case there was a innocent bystander. During that time, Nightcrawler would knock him out with a cast-iron pan. THE END!
Nightcrawler is a swashbuckling, fencing, acrobatic, paranormal expert (The last bit is only in his very own series, a branch off of Uncanny in 2005).
He pulled it from the stone! It's fitting because he was the leader of the team and it seems the sword deemed him "worthy" or something.
After countless minutes of trying, No. IT's better to save night crawler though, jean can come back to life. If not misique will kill the professor. :o
Three (two fingers and an opposable thumb on each hand)
You can find this kind of information on Alan Cumming plays the part of Kurt Wagner the Nightcrawler. The title of the movie is X2
It depends on the version of X-men you read. Sometimes they find him running for his life from an angry mob in Winzeldorf, and someimes they find him at a secret Weapon-X base in Finland.
No, but his father Azazel has the same powers and is in the movie.
Sorry,but you cannot get nightcrawler in ultimate alliance 1 or 2.
Wolverine because he has an healing factor. He never stops fighting.
Kurt Wagner, also known a Nightcrawler of the X-Men and Excalibur, was very much a hero.
Nightcrawler (1985 1st Series) #1 in NM condition is selling for$74.95 .
nightcrawlers have five hearts.
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Magneto chased Nightcrawler's mother, Mystique, causing her to dropKurt off of a bridge into a river, where she believed him dead. Anice couple picked him up down river and raised him as their own.
Answer . In X-Men: The Official Game Nightcrawler left the X-men.. This is the commonly cited reason for Nightcrawler's unfortunate absence from the third film, but X-Men: The Official Game is not considered Marvel canon. That being said, it may have been a bad move to fail to feature the blue...
Hicks and Europeans call them nightcrawlers. They are the same thing.
The comic book character Nightcrawler was portrayed in the 2003 movie X2, X-men United. Alan Cumming was the actor who played Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler.
In X2: X-Men United, Nightcrawler doesn't refer to his marks by anyname other than marks, but they are in fact scars. They are claimedby Kurt to be angelic symbols passed onto man by Gabriel, thearchangel, and that he has one "for every sin". He explains all ofthis to Storm on the Blackbird just...
The cast of Nightcrawler - 2011 includes: Austin Jolly
The cast of Nightcrawler - 2014 includes: Riz Ahmed Tyler Cole as Firefighter Jonny Coyne as Pawn Shop Owner Emily Dahm as DUI Girl Christina de Leon as Woman on Screen David Dustin Kenyon as KWLA employee Leah Fredkin as News Anchor Carolyn Gilroy as Jenny Chad Guerrero as Scratchface Jake...
Nightcrawler - comics - was created in 1975.
European nightcrawler was created in 1890.
There are many X-men with skin tones that wouldn't be considerednormal for the human race. Some of these include (this is NOT acomplete list): . Archangel / Warren Worthington III (blue) . Beast / Henry "Hank" McCoy (blue) . Rogue (temporarily, when she touches another mutant) . Blink / Clarice...
There are many X-men with skin tones that wouldn't be considerednormal for the human race. Some of these include (this is NOT acomplete list): . Archangel / Warren Worthington III (blue) . Beast / Henry "Hank" McCoy (blue) . Rogue (temporarily, when she touches another mutant) . Blink / Clarice...
Nightcrawler - album - was created on 2006-08-29.
X-Men - 1992 Nightcrawler 3-18 was released on: USA: 13 May 1995
Nightcrawler - 2014 was released on: USA: 2014
In the mainstream comics universe, the cartoons, and the movies,Nightcrawler doesn't have any children. He has an entire race oftiny clones called Bamfs that follow him, but no children. However,in one comic universe, (Earth-2182) -- the Exiles universe, he hasa daughter named Talia Wagner. She is...
There isevidence that worms do feel something akin to pain. Worms have been found to possess opioids, which would serve no realfunction in the absence of pain perception:
Star Wars : Return of the Jedi. It is easy to tell since afterleaving the theater, Jean remarks that at least they can agree "thethird is always the worst".
Partly Bastion, Partly himself. Bastion reached forward to grab Hope Summers (who he was protecting at the time,) Nightcrawler teleported in-between them and got Bastions hand through his chest. He sacrificed himself.
Nightcrawler is a mutant who can teleport by opening a portal into another dimension, travelling through it via an unconscious direction-finding sense, and returning to his own dimension. When teleporting, Nightcrawler leaves behind a small portion of the atmosphere of the other dimension that...
If your talking about the comic book character, then no Kurt doesn't have any children. But there are alternate versions of him form other dimension that do. One version of Nightcrawler from the X-Men: The End series has two children. Other version of Kurt has a daughter who calls herself Nocturne,...
Yes, he died on the shores of Utopia with an arm sticking out of his heart and a slight smile on his fave and with his last breaths he told Hope Summers he had faith in her. Want more info? Ask a new question and I'll be happy to detail the whole drama.
\nMystique is Nightcrawlers mother.
he began a level three and is now level four
No he has feelings for scarlet witch. Even if he did like shadowcat, she already is in love with colosus
Nightcrawler cannot be unlocked for Marvel: Ultimate Alliancewithout purchasing the Heroes Pack. If however you have, Marvel:Ultimate Alliance Gold Edition, Nightcrawler should be available bydefault.
Kurt Wagner, aka Nightcrawler, has had several short lived andmostly hinted at romances, but almost nothing substantial. Really,the only long lasting relationship he had was with Jimaine Szardos/ Amanda Sefton, who was also his foster sister, which has causedsome discomfort among fans in the past....
k i think you mean Mystique the blue-skinned, red haired, morphing mutant. OKAY PERSON!!!!!!!! of course she loves him. SHE IS HIS MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and she is also rouges "mother"(adopted long story) Contrary to the above, Mystique is not all that in love with her fuzzy blue elf of a son....
He does in a parallel universe, and also in the TV show Wolverine and the X-Men.
Nightcrawler's mother is the Mutant terrorist Mystique and his father (Azazel) leads a team of mutants that look like demons and monsters.
Nightcrawler walks the same way any other human does. However, since he has a flexible spine, he is shown crouching a lot, even when he walks sometimes.
In X Men Evolution, Magneto messed with Kurt's DNA after he was born. . A: If you're talking about the comics than I have no idea. He's supposed to be half-demon (I know right!), so maybe that's why.
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At least 1:. Hunting Grounds.. It was when Spiral kidnapped Kurt [Nightcrawler] and Wanda [Scarlet Witch] for her master's dangerous game show [Mojo's Hunting Grounds!].
Nightcrawler was born that way. Magneto had nothing to do with it.
This is an opinion; nobody can answer this for you.
Night-Crawler appeared in a two issue story arc in the Amazing Spider-Man issues 161 and 162. These were entitled "...And The Nightcrawler Came Prowling, Prowling" and "Let The Punisher Fit The Crime!". I hope that this is of some use to you.
popularity wise. . wolverine is more popular. he even has his own movies, cartoons comic books and manga in japan. . fighting wise . wolverine is immortal, so no one can beat him. . personality wise . wolverine is more of a main charecter, and nightcrawler is more of a goofy but cool side charecter.
NOOOO!!! . why would he?? . wolverine ROCKs!!!
He is not so fail wolverine pwns u!!!
because he is one of the best x-men characters next to wolverine!
Sorry to disappoint you but X-men Origins: Nightcrawler is just a comic... There isn't a DVD or anything planned for him.