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The sweet tidbits that are used to finish off a meal are some of the more spectacular creations of a chef. The creation of these treats leads to numerous questions that can be asked and ideas that can be shared in answers in our 'Desserts Snacks and Treats' category and its subcategories.
Unless specifically labeled, ice cream salt is not meant to be eaten by itself.
At my local place it costs (i SMALL:4.75 medium:9.90 LArGE:14.60 extra butter larege: 15:70
No because i wont have its creaminess anymore. So my advice isfinish it before the expiration date.
The people accepted it because of how good and sweet it was. Itwasn't like any other kind of candy!
it doesn't! its actually really god for you just with a limit
Yogurt is more healthy and carbs,calories,and sugars are more low and yogurt tastes bad ice cream is yummy :D
In 1824 John Cadbury opened a grocers shop at 93 Bull street in Birmingham he said the usual things and cocoa and drinking chocolate he prepared himself. But in 1831 he set up a factory so he could sell commercially in crooked lane which was nearby. So he really started producing in 1831 as it was...
If you have retainers it is kinda like braces.....chewingsugar-free gum is alright but it may hurt a little.
Because they're filled with awsomeness
im not sure... but one of my friends mum shes a nursery teacher andshe wantd candy with numbers on 2... so wot we did was we boughtsoft sweets with wrappers on and we wrote numbers on and we alsogot number stickers the children loved it!
Holland/Spain maybe but not available in UK today. They came inMexican Spice flavour also Made by Nibbits or Nibitz (Trying a websearch finds no crisp company of that name trading today) Probablyphased out due to: Lack of demand Consolidation of Crisp/SnackIndustry (Most UK crisps seem to be made in...
the Mayans used chocolate as money and food to eat.
not sure... ur question duznt really make sense
Bake them for a long time at a low temperature, but if something happens and they come out cruchy then there is a way to fix that. Put your batch of cookies into a ziploc bag with a slice of bread. The bread absorbs all of the excess moisture, which keeps the cookies soft. Happy Baking!
umm...taste kinda cool and crunchy but soft at the same time! I love it .. i think you will too
It appears that Brach's may have discontinued production of French Burnt Peanuts. They are not featured on the Brach's web site, nor are they available even from online sources.
The cola will fizz a little bit but that is it. There is no danger. It just makes your mouth feel funny. For more fun, add mentos to a 2-liter bottle of cola!
No I wouldn't think so ... unless you wanted apple chocolate chip cookies, which would be sort of gross .... and you would still need butter. But hey! it could work, its worth a shot :D
Answer . Flapper fashions for women doing the Charleston dance; speakeasy bars (for alcoholic beverages) during Prohibition; and "Boater/Skimmer" straw hats for men. Among other things...
A teaspoon of water will be heavier. While they are both liquids,pudding will contain fat, which is less dense than water. (This iswhy oil and fat floats on top of water)
Around 450 calories in a small bucket of popcorn.
Top Pop Pop the bag Bag in Popin Popin from the bag
no why would u think that for/??
Depending on the kind of dough you can make cookie bars, scones, Christmas tree ornaments ( sugar cookie dough cut into shapes. Then make a whole big enough so when it melts it doesn't close it. Then hang on the tree. I recommend if decorating to just put on color sprinkles before baking that way...
yes some of them do
First popcorn started with Aztec Indian ceremonies.popcorn was verypopular from the 1890's before the great depresion.During thedepression popcorn was at 5 to 10 cents a bag.Then people startedbuying kernels and frying them on a pan.Microwave popcorn was thefirst thing to be used in a microwave and...
asda? or a bakery: try greggs or just any bakery shop?
That depends on the density of the pudding. Grams is a measure of mass/weight. Mililiters is a measure ofvolume.
because it tastes really awful and you will get stomachache
No, of course not. First of all, marijuana is not physically addictive (meaning, there are no physical withdrawal symptoms for regular users, like there are with alcohol or opiates). Psychological addiction is when you become so accustomed to being on a drug, that you come to feel normal when...
Soak it in water. The bigger the meat the longer you soak it for. The saline solution will then leave the meat via diffusion
It will brust and spray every way
Hansen Gregory claimed he invented the doughnut
You cannot 'beat up' a nerd. We are simply too powerful. Any nerd who cannot stop the attacker with his or her powers, is a pathetic and lonely moron that is not by the smallest number imaginable a nerd. Now, I have some gaming to do.
the willy wonka factory OOMPA LOOMPAS
the first company that made heart candy was NECCO,,
Normal popcorn has salt added whereas kettle corn is sweet.
I have used a toaster oven to bake cookies, pizzas, and even cakes. If the toaster oven has temperature settings and a bake (as opposed to broil or toast) mode, you shouldn't have any problems.
strawberry milkshake hot fudge Sunday
Yes he is awesome and intense He is also Optimus Prime
Well, cookies actually aren't the best for you to begin with. But if they were, I'd go crazy over them! Chocolate chip cookies for every meal! :)
The candy bar is called Bit-O-Honey candy bar.
Cooked rice and milk with cinnamon. You mix the cooked rice andmilk in a baking dish sprinkle with cinnamon and bake.
you must simpley plan some seeds, log off for about 200 munites in between and in my book they seem to grow fast!(: enjoy from ..... helper
that's a trick question because you cant make popcorn in the microwave but you can pop popcorn in the microwave, there is a major difference between the two.
cause marijuana is illegal in some states
it is probably a liquid because if you even make it hot, it will still be liquid.
No. But Boston has 2 Burdick chocolate shops.
It's probably stale. If the water inside each kernel drys out, it won't pop.
To set a meringue, you need to bake it in the oven. There are some useful recipes here...
it is a cross between a cooked smirff and a s'more. D E licious!
YES, foxes also classified in the family of CANIDAES or dog-likeanimals. Dogs was poisoned with chocolates and also, a fox. Thanksfor the question.
Kevin - Rocky Road . Joe - Chocolate Marshmallow . Nick - Cotton Candy
There is no real way of telling. You can get an estimate by finding Ice cream polls around the web.
A doughnut is a small fried cake of sweetened dough, typically inthe shape of a ball.
About two minutes and thirty seconds in a 700 watt microwave.
because the'll dry up
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They are vegetarian, however, not vegan.
mine are Pizza and Dr. Pepper :)
I mean many candies are in the one plastic bag.
yes and they are disgusting and for weird people
They have gelatin.
They are just the same. We call it chocolate as you would call it.
If one is at sea level, ice cream STARTS to freeze at below 0 (so about -1 and -2) but the higher altitude you live in, the temperature doesn't need to be so low (because of the air pressure)
from the eriodite (smart people)
double choc chip! yummy! XD! :)
sour powder I think
after eating ice-cream makes you thirsty and some people getheadaches
no but if you need something sweet
Mack- ah-ROON. (I've heard other pronunciations, butthat's the one I'm most familiar with.)