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Space Shuttle

The Space Shuttles are reusable spacecraft with wings for controlled descent into the atmosphere. They are designed to transport astronauts between earth and an orbiting space station and to deploy and retrieve satellites. Atlantis, Discovery, and Endeavour are the three Space Shuttles in operation today.
  The Challenger  Explosion was caused by an external tank explosion. The space  shuttle broke apart due to gasses mixing in the external fuel tank.  The shuttle exploded and the space shuttle was torn apart.   
Space missions are important because they discover stuff. They also find out stuff about things they didn't know about before. Space missions are also kind of cool in a way.
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now people now about space and they let sientist know about the moon,sun,and other planets
The first space shuttle, The Enterprise, was completed on September  17, 1976. On July 26, 1972, Rockwell International won a $2.6  billion contract to build the space shuttle orbiter.
  Curiosity because its there and to find develop and take advantage of Military and economic opportunity's.
It can fit a school bus in its payload pay, and it has 7,000,000 pounds of thrust.. Or 81,000,000 horsepower.
After the challenger explosion it did not operate any more  missions.
"Far" meaning distance from Earth: only as far as the Moon. Two unmanned spacecraft (Voyagers) have now left the solar system.   The record is held by the crew of Apollo 13 they flew on an orbit 100 km past surface of the Moon.
She is a Docter and the first African American in space.
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  When you say the 'Space Race' I assume that you mean the race to the moon that happened during the 1960s between the USA and the USSR (now Russia), as, nowadays there is much more co-operation between the nations who have a space programme. This 'space race' was extremely important because it...
All the capsules are locked together and are secured.
First AA female in space
Depends on the mission. They could be sent to deliver supplies tothe national space station, put a satellite in orbit, or even put arover on mars. The use of launching a rocket is to get somethinginto outer-space.
The Kennedy Space centre or, of course, Youtube...
I believe it called a V.A.B. and there are two of them.
 "Ronald Erwin McNair (October 21, 1950 - January 28, 1986) was  a physicist and NASA astronaut.  McNair died during the launch of the Space Shuttle Challenger  on mission STS-51-L." This is from Wikipedia, and I think this is  what you need :)
Because there's no air outside, basically no pressure at all. An unprotected human would die in seconds.
  They are all designed the same.
Donald "Deke" Slayton was one of the original seven NASA Astronauts. He was originally scheduled to fly on the 2nd American orbital mission in 1962 on a Mercury capsule named Delta 7. Because of an erratic heart rate, he was grounded and Scott Carpenter flew aboard Aurora 7 instead. After going...
Mainly, it has to: (1) Move at a sufficiently high speed. Near the Earth's surface, that would be about 7.9 kilometers per second (7900 meters per second). You can multiply the meters per second by 3.6 if you prefer it in kilometers/hour. (2) Be sufficiently far from Earth, to avoid air resistance...
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There Were 2 Famous Rockets.The one more Famous One was The SpaceShuttle Challenger That took off in 1986 Which had 6 Crew In it.Onone Cold Florida Afternoon The reason for the Explosion was thatThe fuel leaked and as it got more depressurized and condensated itexploded due to the extreme gas.And...
Yes, Mae Jemison encountered prejudice because people believed that a woman couldn't be an astronaut, especially a black woman.
Dr. Mae C. Jemison SHE WAS IN SPACE IN SEP 12,1992
the higher the orbit, the longer the period.   so it'll be longer
  The space shuttle normally reaches 17,500 mph to go into orbit.
Mae Jemison is the first African American to travel through space.
no died in car accident
On the 20th of November 1998, the Russian built module Zarya, became the first module of the International Space Station to be launched into space. A couple of days later, on the 4th of December, the fist American built module, Unity, was launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida aboard the...
The US space shuttles were built to take astronauts into space and build the International Space Station.
The closer a launch site is to the Equator, the more one can take advantage of the boost given from the eastward rotation of the Earth itself. This rotational inertial energy makes it so less fuel energy is required to reach Escape Velocity. Cape Canaveral is located about as far south as one can...
Since the Shuttle at liftoff is traveling at 0 mph, and at orbit is traveling at 17,180 mph, a simple average would be [ (17,180+0) / 2 ] = 8,590 mph.
She was a dancer. She was also a doctor in the Peace Corps.
All astronauts enter the Shuttle at the 195-foot-level of the launch tower.
All Space Shuttles have been launched from Cape Kennedy, Florida. Kennedy Space Center has been the launch site for every U.S. human space flight since 1968.
A normal space shuttle launch is 8-1/2 minutes long. The Solid Rocket Boosters separate at 24 nautical miles (45 km) two minutes into the flight.
the rocket works on newtons law, which states that every action has an equal reaction in opposite direction. the rocket releases a jet of hot gases which propels it to the space:)
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They were built throughout the 60's and into the 70's. Thespacecraft and various modules went through many, many iterationsand versions. There was not just a single design that was usedthroughout the program.
that depends on the way the propellers work. for example, if the propeller on the right has some problem and works a little less powerfully, the shuttle moves towards the right side. but it is made sure that the propellers are working with equal power to maintain the shuttle in equilibrium. in the...
cause she was the first African American to go to space.
The astronauts have been aboarding it since 1998.
mae carol jemingson was creative, confident , smart and unique
It didn't. The space shuttle doesn't go beyond orbit. What landed on the moon was another space craft entirely.
The blame was put on the o-rings in the solid booster rockets. The failure was attributed to a combination of poor design and cold weather.
An average space shuttle orbits in the high thermosphere, which is 120-600 km above sea level
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Depends on whether you say Pluto is a planet or not.   If you say it isn't, then there are no planets that haven't been visited by a spacecraft.   If you say it is, then there is one that hasn't been visited yet, but one is on the way.
Morgan Park High School in Chicago. Stanford for undergraduate. Cornell for Medical school
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She is alive.
A space shuttle is a reusable launch and orbital spacecraft. It was designed by NASA for human space flight. The space shuttle takes humans into space. It also can be used to deploy satellites, probes, additions to the space station, and parts used to work on the space station. The space shuttle has...
when she became the first african american women in space
The leading edges of the Shuttle, which get hottest during reentry, are protected by panels made of reinforced carbon-carbon (RCC) that are fixed to the vessel's structural skeleton by floating joints to allow for differences in thermal expansion. The RCC panels can tolerate a maximum temperature of...
On the space shuttle, the commander is the overall commander of the ship. The commander sits on the front left seat during launch and re-entry and flies the space shuttle during landings. The commander also controls the space shuttle in the aft cockpit during rendezvous and docking with other...
Formerly in use were the Challenger and Columbia Currently in use are the Endeavour, Atlantis, Discovery, and Enterprise
Yes. Astronauts in space use toothpaste that is edible. Because of the absence of gravity in space, being able to swallow toothpaste is much more convenient for astronauts than having to spit it out. For this reason, edible toothpaste is used.
was toothpaste used in a misson in space
Mae Jemson had no family, well if a dog here and there does not count.
Russia was developing a space shuttle very similar to the United State's space shuttle called Buran (Russian for Snowstorm). The Buran program began in 1974 as a response to the United State's Space Shuttle program. The Russians believed that the US Space Shuttle could be a significant military...
It is the planet's natural satellite.
The space shuttle doesn't do much maneuvering in the outer layers of the Earth's atmosphere. Most of its maneuvering is done once it's passed through these layers due to the extreme temperatures experienced during this time.
  == Answer ==   I've always thought the answer to this was: It can keep going forever unless something in its way stops it. (One of newtons laws) See in space there is no gravity and without that force an object in motion can stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. EX. A planet...
  There were 10 manned flights and two unmanned flights in the Gemini program.
They are in an abandoned missile silo on the Cape Canaveral Air  Force Station
  Rheostat is shot. Replace it.   No, I don't know where it is. No, I don't know how much it costs.
At the Shuttle's maximum speed of about 30,000 km/hr, it would take more than 16 years to reach Pluto.   The "New Horizons" spacecraft was launched by NASA in 2006 and reached a new record velocity for spacecraft, more than 58,000 km/hr. It was further accelerated by a gravity assist from Jupiter...
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mae_Jemison but be advised that while Wikipedia is always a good place to *start* research, it is not a good place to end it, as the people editing it sometimes make mistakes, deliberately or on purpose.
the space shuttle takes off like a rocket flies around the earth like a bird and lands like an airoplane
I don't believe so, considering it would be awfully difficult to  reverse a huge hung of metal traveling at insane speeds, and we  haven't been to mars or Venus, so that sort of mission would be a  suicide.
A series of suborbital tests carried out by NASA in the 1960s to evaluate various types of heat ablative materials (ablation) and atmospheric reentry technology, particularly in preparation for the Apollo program. The nosecones of the Scout rockets used in these tests were coated in heat-shield...
For launches from Cape Canaveral, search "Kennedy Space Center Launch Schedule" and find the "View Rocket Launch Schedule" link. There you will find a calendar with upcoming dates flagged, with info on the flights. Right now a Delta V rocket is planned for liftoff on 4 November 2010.
Mae Jemison became an astronaut because that's what she set her dreams on to be in her daily life life and career
ACTUALLY,they can spend more than 6 months they can be on there for 803 days that is the record!
Mae Jemison was the first African American in space and she was the mission scientist. She did experiments on the space shuttle.
didi mae jemison have kids and what aer they names