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This category is for questions and answers about Salt Lake City, Utah. Salt Lake City was host to the 2002 Winter Olympics. It is also home to the national headquarters of Latter-day Saints.


It is 554 miles according to Google Maps.
It took me 13 hours to finish that drive. From Sac to Lake Tahoe is fun, but from there to SLC is one of the toughest drives I have ever survived!!!
It depends on whether you want the actual city population or metro population. Boise: city 205,314; metro 587,689 Salt Lake City: city 181,698; metro 1,115,692
The driving distance between Boise, ID and Salt Lake City, UT is approximately 345 miles. The driving time would be approximately 5 hours 30 minutes if you were to travel non-stop in good driving conditions. (The driving time does not take into consideration conditions which may extend trip time...
Utah was the 45 th State to join the Union.
It is 518.98 miles according to MapQuest.
Yes and No - Gart Brothers is now Sports Authority and they are still in Utah.
The Great Salt Lake lies northwest of Salt Lake City proper.
The Church has a great resource online which lists the known members of each pioneer company and has links to further information about them. Since the First Company had about 150 people in it, I won't list them all here. You can visit the "Related Links" below to find the list of people and...
It is 841.91 miles according to MapQuest.
It will probubly do a lot of damage and hopefully not to the lds temple
It is 533.57 miles according to MapQuest.
None, really. Sometimes it will be raining or snowing in one county and not the other, but their climates are the same. Another Answer Only 45 miles separate the county seats of these two counties. But today in Utah county the temperature is 81 degrees F, humidity of 37%. In Salt Lake County,...
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two different routes, one is 697 miles and 760 miles the other
It is 362 miles in straight line distance or as the crow flies. Or . It is 424 road miles according to Google Maps using the fastest route. The distance from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas by way of flying is368 miles. Driving from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas is 420 miles.
The Great Salt Lake, unlike other lakes, has no outlet. Any water flowing into the lake only leaves by evaporation. Over time, the minute traces of salt in the incoming water get concentrated. The Dead Sea is another example of this.
if you want sports activities other than skiing, go up to Ogden and go to the Solomn Center where there is indoor rock climbing - indoor surfing and indoor sky diving got to the Union Station and visit its three museums includin Browing Rifles. At Park City the Olymic Traing facilities are fun along...
They played 2nd on the bill at a concert at the Salt Palace on 28 November 1972. The bands were Wild Turkey, The Eagles and Ten Years After (headliner).
Yes. It was originally called "Great Salt Lake City" but the'great' was dropped because it was a long name.
No. Salt lakes include the Dead Sea, Caspian Sea , Aral Sea, and Lake Balkhash.
Take I-15 SOUTH TO U.S. 89 via UT-20 at EXIT 95. Follow signs TO U.S. 89. At JCT U.S. 89, turn right onto U.S. 89 SOUTH. . Take U.S. 89 SOUTH to Flagstaff, Arizona where you will connect with I-17 via I-40 to PHOENIX. Follow signs. . Once you are on I-17 SOUTH, take I-17 SOUTH to AZ LOOP-101 at EXIT...
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The below given calculated time and distance does not include time spent in traffic, effect of weather and other obstacles. The distance between these two places is 429 miles. The above said location can be reached from the starting position in 7 hours 14 minutes.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the "Mormon" Church) actually has several tabernacles throughout the western United States. These are mostly historic pioneer buildings now used for community gatherings and educational tours. I will assume you are referring to the...
A "Ward House" usually referrs to a church or meetinghouse of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the "Mormon" church). A Mormon congregation is called a "Ward", and so the building that houses the ward is often called a "Ward House". Church members may also refer to...
From Salt Lake City to Missouri is 1,299 miles, which is 21 hours driving.
Many small religious communities have headquarters in or near Salt Lake City, but by far the largest and most prominent is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which is commonly called the "Mormon" church. Early members of this Church settled the area. Their headquarters is called ...
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three The Great Basin, The Colorado Plateau and The Rocky Mountain Region.
In the winter of 1845-1846, the saints began their preparation to migrate to the West in search of a "New Zion." In the Spring of 1846, they began their large migration and arrived in Salt Lake City in 1847.
There's three times (3x) as much salt in the salt lake as there is in the ocean
The approximate driving time and mileage information - Between: Seattle, WA and: Salt Lake City, UT Driving miles: 840 Driving time: 13 hrs 45 mins - is based on traveling non-stop in good driving conditions. Driving time does not take into consideration conditions which may extend travel time...
The driving distance between SLC, UT and Columbus, OH is 1,711 and takes approximately 1 day and three hours to drive (27 hours).
Because when the Mormon pioneers first arrived and the place was completely desolate, Brigham Young stuck his cane in the ground and said "Here we will build the city of our God". They started building the city on that spot and it grew out from there.
Yes. The "Great" was dropped because the name was just too long.
The driving distance from Salt Lake City, Utah to Calgary, Canadais about 886 miles / 1426 km and approximately 13 total hours ofdriving.
The driving distance from Minneapolis, MN to SLC, UT is 1,307 miles and takes approximately 20 hours and 23 minutes to drive.
Salt Lake City is a very diverse city! There are many people from nearly every walk of life. There are many immigrants and refugees that bring their culture from Latin America, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Nearly every religion - from Wicca to Buddhism to Christianity - holds meetings...
Salt Lake City, Utah is the international headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the "Mormon" church). The headquarters area of the 13 million member Church takes up approximately 5 blocks in downtown Salt Lake City, and is the most visited tourist...
The driving distance between Anchorage, AK and Salt Lake City, UT is approximately 3115 miles. The driving time would be approximately 66 hours if you were to travel non-stop in good driving conditions. (The driving time does not take into consideration conditions which may extend trip time such as...
There are lots of hotels in Salt Lake City, I'm sure that most have a honeymoon or anniversary suite containing a jetted tub for two. You might want to check out the Anniversary Inn.
By car: . I-15 S 425 mi. 6 hours 36 mins . By Walking . UT-257 S 427 mi. 5 days 18 hours . By Bicycling 467 mi - about 1 day 16 hours
Not really. Unlike places that are near the ocean, Salt Lake City's air doesn't contain the salt that corrodes metal. This is because the air is so dry that the water from the Great Salt Lake doesn't really evaporate into the air and hover there like it does in coastal cities.
Short answer. Yes. Long-term is first-come, first served and not well marked. I would not leave any vehicle in that lot, however. It is unsecure, unlit, gravel and filled with broken window glass as it is three blocks to the homeless shelter in Salt Lake. Leave your car at the Gateway shopping...
March 20-19 of 2010? Most days were mostly cloudy with some rain and wet snow. Some days were warm and sunny. It was quite windy on the 29th.
The mountains to the east of the city are actually a huge fault line. They were formed by earthquakes.
Native American tribes have lived in the area around the Great Salt Lake for at least a thousand years! That is long before white men ever knew it existed.
It can be done in very close to 24 hours if you have at least 2 drivers and can average at least 350 miles per fuel stop consistently. In order to do it you will need to choose the lowest traffic hours possible. I recommend a Saturday mid morning departure from DTW, plan your fuel stops carefully...
Depends on the direction you're going. East and west would be the ocean. North would be northern Canada, and south would be Mexico.
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It varies, from a low of about 5% to a maximum ofaround 27% . For comparison, the world's oceansaverage about 3.5%. And for the record, the Great Salt Lake is not the saltiest body ofwater in the world; that would be Don Juan Pond in Antarctica, witha salinity of over 40% .
The flight time for flights between the above places is 4.5 hours This is an approximate travel time. The actual time might change depending on the flight path chosen, weather conditions, etc
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Brigham Young lead the majority of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the "Mormon" church) to Utah after the murder of Joseph Smith.
Take I-80 EAST to Salt Lake City. Very straightforward.
Driving distance is 2,410 kilometers (1,497 miles) over a 27-hour, non-stop drive.
Salt Lake City is the largest city in Utah. Hurricane (pronounced "hurikin" if you're local) is a small town in Southern Utah with about 10,000 residents. However, St. George has grown so large recently that it has begun to absorb Hurricane as part of it's outskirts.
While the first groups of Mormon Pioneers arrived in Salt Lake City, other groups continued to arrive for well over half a century. Groups arriving in 1850 are: Lorenzo Dow Young Company James Lake Company Milo Andrus Company Benjamin Hawkins Company Thomas S. Williams/ Seth M. Blair Freight Train...
No, Carson City is the 9th largest city in Nevada. Las Vegas is the largest.
Both. In Southern Utah there's Zion National Park. In Northern Utah, there's Brice Canyon.