History consists of studying the past. It is a branch of the humanities or social sciences.
One of the most important compromises is the Great Compromise. Itwas a compromise between two plans pushed forward; the Virginiaplan and the New Jersey plan. The Virginia plan wantedrepresentation in congress to be based off of states population.The New Jersey plan wanted equal representation for...
Not clear on the specific question. State legislatures have to ratify amendments whether via an amendment approved by 2/3 of Congress and then 3/4 of the state legislatures or by Constitutional Convention which is made up of state legislature reps. Hope that answers your question.
This is not the place to answer such questions. There is no way to verify these weapons would be made only for fun, or with care sufficient to ensure safety. There are plenty of web pages for that sort of thing, and undoubtedly plenty of government computers watching them and watching out for people...
The Missouri Compromise was an agreement passed in 1820 between the pro-slavery and anti-slavery factions in the United States Congress, involving primarily the regulation of slavery in the western territories. It prohibited slavery in the former Louisiana Territory north of the parallel 36°30'...
Because everyone lived in such close quarters and they didn'tunderstand the nature of bacteria and viruses so their lifestylewasn't very sanitary as well as the lack of vaccines and propermedicine.
People colonized Virginia because that's where they landed. Somewent to Jamestown, Virginia for religious freedom.
There were 34 states inthe Union when Abraham Lincoln was elected president in1860. And twenty-three when the US Civil War started. In 1861,Kansas Joined the Union, therefore in 1862 there were 24 US states.
In 1862, there were 34 states. West Virginia became a state in 1863and Nevada became one in 1864. There were 36 states at the end ofthe civil war.
You could say that the Romans had slaves since they came into existence. Slavery is as old as mankind and every civilization, both ancient and modern had slaves. The Romans along with other ancient peoples had a slave based economy and many aspects of civilization are due to not only a slave's...
The construction of Mt. Rushmore took 14 years.
The Kings of Egypt were not called Pharaohs by the ancientEgyptians. This word was used by the Greeks and Hebrews, and todayis commonly used for the ancient Kings of Egypt. We really do notknow how many kings ruled in Egypt, for at times in its ancientpast the country was split up, and there were at...
vert infectious and lead to death
Since most people could not read or write party invitations wouldhave been verbally done by the common folk and the wealthy wouldhave sent a small handwritten note by footman to the person theywere inviting. People didn't have parties like we do today. Forinstance, Christmas was spent in church at...
life expectancy in the year2000 is 61 yrs
yes alice paul had disabilities.
usually in the castle courtyards or in any specified place in theland
According to their ancient creation story, the Quileutes werechanged from wolves by a wandering Transformer. By legend, theironly kindred, the Chimakum Tribe, were washed away by flood anddeposited near present-day Port Townsend (where they lived untilChief Seattle's Suquamish Tribe wiped them out...
William of Normandy apparently planned to land in England and drawHarold into a battle, then devastate the countryside, like Shermanon his March to the Sea, in the area around London until theybegged for mercy. He benefited from the fact that Harold Hardradastruck first, drawing the Saxon forces...
yes taj mahal is a wonder of seven wonders.
Cause hes a good and trustable man.
I think 1,000-2,000
The English, led by Sir Humphrey Gilbert, were the first to attemptcolonizing Newfoundland.
Free trade, but only to a limited number of Marc Antony's cronies. Otherwise, Cleopatra did very little for the world. It was not her concern. All she worried about was Egypt and keeping what she had. The taxes on ships using Alexandria's harbor and also on the goods that they brought, were just a...
Egyptians traded for ALOT of things.. gold , turquoise papyrus ( a type of plant used to make paper-like substances ex- small boats , baskets , and of course paper. ) and copper.
They wanted to capture Richmond, and cut off the South's supplies.
He had 100 orgasms a day so he had to stay in his manhut.
Gerald Ford died December 26,2006 at 6:45 pm atRancho Mirage, California from cerebrovascular disease.
Benny Goodman Im taking a music class now and also you could type Benny Goodman into google and look under the wikipedia tab.
He explored to Canada to replace a man by the name of Allouez. . In 1669 Marquette traveled to Michigan to build the St. Ignacein the upper part of Michigan. . Found the direction and mouth of the Mississippi River in1673. . Marquette made a stop to Wisconsin to get food in supplies . Jul 17, 1673...
It was more than one dock. ALL of Pearl Harbor was bombed orotherwise attacked. However, not all of the American Fleet waspresent at the time of the attack. Notably the two US aircraftcarriers were at sea. The main area attacked was called Battleship Row, a mooring alongthe southeast side of Ford...
The Democrats nominated Horatio Seymour and the Republicansnominated Ulysses S. Grant.
Answer . It established the US Government.
Yes, apparently he is in a Military Hospital in Cairo with ongoinghealth issues.
doesnt matter. Religion has to concentrate on today. The historygives lessons for good and bad decisions, but we need to use ourenergie with conscience to develop our future forward.
We do not have 2013 and 2014 numbers. From 2003 to 2012, there werea total of 1,060,100 US military personnel in country in Iraq. Thisnumber is made up of first time and redeployments. This is totalboots on the ground for all ten years, with no specific serviceinformation.
nope, he did not have any kids, even with his second wife, still nokids
The new exclusive Tartan from Heritage of Scotland. Express yourScottish pride and patriotism with the new Freedom tartan.
diyin yá naalʼaʼí , messenger from God
- Life in Merthyr Tydfil's 19th Century With such a rapidinflux of workers slum conditions were inevitable,explains ... A town like Merthyr Tydfil was a byword forsqualor, dirt and poor ... Living space in the town was bymodern day standards extremely cramped
It was called 'relief work' - the Great Depression had left so manypeople without jobs that governments employed them doing publicworks, including building roads.
His biggest mistake was either promising not to raising taxes (if you're a Democrat) or breaking the promise (if you're a Republican)
Empress Josephine sister was the first wife of napoleon and thusthe first empress of french.
When the Spanish settled the Aztec and Incan lands, their plan wasto conquer the land. When conquistadors came in the early 1500s (Hernando Cortez beingthe first, followed by Francisco Pizarro), they made the NativeAmericans allies at first; then slaves. Cortez sided with one tribe of Native...
1914-1989, He was a Doctor (Medical Team) During a Indochina War
The Blackfoot tribe lived in northern Plains, particularly Montana,Idaho, and Alberta in Canada. The environment* could be plentifuland great for planting crops, or at times, droughts occurred.Overall, the environment was good.
yes but they were better known as Morivians
Wow , Your even asking ? Maybe because American's have always had it all & Mexicans Do all the work like 24/7 for Americans & How do American's repay us ? By Being racist & By saying that we Ruing Your Guy's life & Stuff . That's why .
they had problems with their westward expansion. It was a hugestruggle for them another part is they were a part of the Americanrevolution. Idk what year that was though
He did not agree with the notion that in order for a country to beprofitable, it had to be owned. He also thought that etc.hope thisis the answer you are looking for dont know if its right but itshould this is what i sead on this note.
It is possible to enter the White House but it requires specialpermit IDs. Contact your senator or representative. Furthermore youcan be sure that not all the rooms are open for people to visit.
At one time, it was indeed very difficult to find information fromand about the Middle Ages, but it is becoming easier and more wellknown over time. There are many reasons why it has been difficult to getinformation, but one of the important ones is that very few peoplecould read or write....
it was 2 total he didn't go on very many/ Iceland andAmerica
The Greek who wrote about the Persian was was Herodotus in 'The Histories'. Also Thoukydides wrote about this war.
Bow and arrows, tomahawks
Abigail Adamssuffered illness, along with her daughter Nabby and her son Charles. She also went through the pain of having 3 children, Nabby Adams, Charles Adams, and John Quincy Adams. Abigail gave birth to a daughter, who was unfortunately born still. Pain of lost friends and her husbands long...
Victory in Europe......................V-E 1945
To prevent one branch of government from becoming a tyranny.
Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute Wayland Seminary
It is the longestwall all over the world. The total length of the Great Wall ofChina built in different dynasties is 21,196.18 kilometers. TheGreat Wall of China can't be seen from space by the human eyewithout aid. The wall is becoming shorter and shorter day by daydue to the natural erosion and...
They use mud bricks or else just normal stones that wereunusually big or just rocks put together with mud
The Japanese war with China began in 1937, Germany invaded Poland in 1939. Germany and Japan joined up and then Japan attacked America in 1941 which brought America in to the war who joined the allies.
His favorite subject was politics
It was very acurate, so accurate that it counted each and every animal to ponds and lands.
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Wood Poles, with rope wrapped around the top and buffalo skin forthe walls.
He was a democratic party representative...LOL gave more people power
The Pilgrims that arrived were Puritan.
The USS Clytie (AS-26) was an Aegir-class submarine tender that entered the Pacific Theatre late in the war. Stationed in Australia, she tended submarines of the 7th Fleet from April - September 1945, then was ordered home after the war ended.
To achieve total and tyrannical power. He was a complete fanatic.He wanted to annihilate all those he believed inferior. Despite thefact that really only disabled people were inferior (but really notby much), he tried to eliminate tens of millions of innocent peoplebecause of his beliefs.
There are usually keys nearby, but black means that you can swim,but there are dangerous animals in the area and you should staycautious. Orange means that there are sudden drop offs or a suddenpopulation in bait fish that could attract predators.