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History consists of studying the past. It is a branch of the humanities or social sciences.
He had 100 orgasms a day so he had to stay in his manhut.
Gerald Ford died December 26,2006 at 6:45 pm at  Rancho Mirage, California from cerebrovascular disease.
Benny Goodman Im taking a music class now and also you could type Benny Goodman into google and look under the wikipedia tab.
It was more than one dock. ALL of Pearl Harbor was bombed orotherwise attacked. However, not all of the American Fleet waspresent at the time of the attack. Notably the two US aircraftcarriers were at sea. The main area attacked was called Battleship Row, a mooring alongthe southeast side of Ford...
The Democrats nominated Horatio Seymour and the Republicans  nominated Ulysses S. Grant.
  == Answer ==   It established the US Government.
Yes, apparently he is in a Military Hospital in Cairo with ongoing  health issues.
doesnt matter. Religion has to concentrate on today. The history  gives lessons for good and bad decisions, but we need to use our  energie with conscience to develop our future forward.
We do not have 2013 and 2014 numbers. From 2003 to 2012, there werea total of 1,060,100 US military personnel in country in Iraq. Thisnumber is made up of first time and redeployments. This is totalboots on the ground for all ten years, with no specific serviceinformation.
nope, he did not have any kids, even with his second wife, still no  kids
The new exclusive Tartan from Heritage of Scotland. Express your  Scottish pride and patriotism with the new Freedom tartan.
diyin yá naalʼaʼí , messenger from God
- Life in Merthyr Tydfil's 19th Century With such a rapid  influx of workers slum conditions were inevitable,  explains ... A town like Merthyr Tydfil was a byword for  squalor, dirt and poor ... Living space in the town was by  modern day standards extremely cramped
It was called 'relief work' - the Great Depression had left so manypeople without jobs that governments employed them doing publicworks, including building roads.
His biggest mistake was either promising not to raising taxes (if you're a Democrat) or breaking the promise (if you're a Republican)
Empress Josephine sister was the first wife of napoleon and thus  the first empress of french.
When the Spanish settled the Aztec and Incan lands, their plan was  to conquer the land.   When conquistadors came in the early 1500s (Hernando Cortez being  the first, followed by Francisco Pizarro), they made the Native  Americans allies at first; then slaves.   Cortez sided with one...
1914-1989, He was a Doctor (Medical Team) During a Indochina War
yes but they were better known as Morivians
they had problems with their westward expansion. It was a huge  struggle for them another part is they were a part of the American  revolution. Idk what year that was though
He did not agree with the notion that in order for a country to beprofitable, it had to be owned. He also thought that etc.hope thisis the answer you are looking for dont know if its right but itshould this is what i sead on this note.
It is possible to enter the White House but it requires specialpermit IDs. Contact your senator or representative. Furthermore youcan be sure that not all the rooms are open for people to visit.
it was 2 total he didn't go on very many/ Iceland and  America 
The Greek who wrote about the Persian was was Herodotus in 'The Histories'. Also Thoukydides wrote about this war.
Bow and arrows, tomahawks
To prevent one branch of government from becoming a tyranny.
It is the longestwall all over the world. The total length of the Great Wall ofChina built in different dynasties is 21,196.18 kilometers. TheGreat Wall of China can't be seen from space by the human eyewithout aid. The wall is becoming shorter and shorter day by daydue to the natural erosion and...
They use mud bricks or else just normal stones that were  unusually big or just rocks put together with mud 
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Wood Poles, with rope wrapped around the top and buffalo skin for  the walls.
The Pilgrims that arrived were Puritan.
The USS Clytie (AS-26) was an Aegir-class submarine tender that entered the Pacific Theatre late in the war. Stationed in Australia, she tended submarines of the 7th Fleet from April - September 1945, then was ordered home after the war ended.
To achieve total and tyrannical power. He was a complete fanatic.  He wanted to annihilate all those he believed inferior. Despite the  fact that really only disabled people were inferior (but really not  by much), he tried to eliminate tens of millions of innocent people  because of his beliefs...
There are usually keys nearby, but black means that you can swim,  but there are dangerous animals in the area and you should stay  cautious. Orange means that there are sudden drop offs or a sudden  population in bait fish that could attract predators.
Plutarch was 74 when he died (46-120). During his long lifetime there were many emperors: Claudius (reigned 41-54), Nero (54-68), Galba (68-69), Otho (69), Vitellius (69), Vespasian (69-79), Titus (79-81), Domitian (81-96),Nerva (96-98), Trajan (98-117) and Hadrian (117-138).
The people who were mainly kept at the concentration camps were  jews.
The Spanish and Aztecs fought because the Spanish wanted the gold and natural resources. It was actually the Spanish who had started the battle. Plus the Aztecs fought because the Spanish killed Montezuma.
1) right to speedy and public trial by an impartial jury of the  state and district where the accused committed the crime and to be  informed of the nature and cause of the accusation    2) right to confront the witnesses    3) right to have a lawyer provided to him/her ( assistance of ...
The document to which you are referring would be the Monroe  Doctrine, issued during Monroe's presidency (1823).
swords,and other things they made because they did not have much back then
Many of the Native Americans who lived in the Great Plains region  of what is now the United States of America were nomadic hunters  and foragers. They ate lots of bison, elk, deer and game birds.  They dried buffalo meat into jerky and often traded it with other  tribes. They foraged for...
For thousands of years China was ruled by Emperors, but in the late 1920's the Emperor of China was over-thrown. This was called The Glorious Revolution and the man who became leader was Mao. He had the idea that there would be a world where everyone looked the same, and would follow his rules in...
William Windom (May 10, 1827 - January 29, 1891) was an  American politician from Minnesota. He served as US Representative  from 1859 to 1869, and as U.S Senator from 1870 to January 1871,  from March 1871 to March 1881, and from November 1881 to 1883. He  also served as Secretary of the...
Washington, D.C. is the US Capital over all 50 States and USTerritories. It was established as a Federal District, separatefrom any State, so that citizens of all States would feel the USCapital treated all the States equally and fairly. We are all freeto boast of our Federal capital, or criticize...
No not all of them are violent, it's just a little bit harder for  them to process things.
Some of the president's were in war. But some were in the reserves.Washington, Monroe, jackson, harrison, tyler, polk, Taylor,filmore, pierece, buchanan, lincoln, johnson, grant r.b.hayes,garfield, arthur, b. Harrison, mckinley, Roosevelt, truman,Eisenhower, jfk, Johnson, nixon, ford, carter, reagon...
Yes, Its legal to fly it in any state. It's your 1st Amendment right.
For the most part, a successful underdog, in the sense that he beat  the odds when they were against him.. George Washington Carver was  born into an economically struggling family, and through botany and  growth observations, was able to bring a new food to the tables of  billions. Now Carver...
Cleopatra basically did, but she was also helped by A man. She did rule an army of men in her position. She was a ruler, because she killed her brother. So yes she was a ruler, I'm pretty sure, but look it up incase.
LA-182, Franklin, LA 70538 Phone #: 337-578-4798
Only if you have enough food and purified water. and strength of  course
Lemon is an excellent and rich source of vitamin C, anessential nutrient that protects the body against immune systemdeficiencies . Lemons contain pectin fiber which is very beneficialfor colon health and also shhwerves as a powerful antibacterial . It balances maintain the pH levels in the...
It didn't. The articles were only internal to the new nation.
It was really a mistake. American Colonists who were upset over  British policies directed toward the Colonists were harassing a  British soldier. It escalated to the point where snowballs were  thrown at the Soldier, when other soldiers came upon the scene a  rifle was accidentally fired and...
Red generally has to do with both Shinto and Buddhist traditions,and brides often wear it. Orange means happiness and love Yellow means bravery and cheerfulness (quite the opposite of ourWestern interpretation of cowardice). It's also to color of thenational crest, the chrysanthemum, and in Buddhism...
Yes, of course, since he became US President in 1861. Lincoln was  popular in the North and generally reviled in the South.   His election to the Presidency in 1860 prompted Southern states to  secede. Lincoln was known to be an advocate of abolition, and given  more Republican electees in...
Everybody is different, not everybody has the same eye colour
During this time, much of Asia was under Mongol control. The Silk  Road was a major trade rote connecting Asia and East Europe.
The ancient trade path from Europe to the far east was somethingthat just grew up.
mesopotamia was on the other side of the world, so it didn't. Egyptwas by mountains which isolated them together.
WWII was the last war in which virtually every US citizen wasexpected to participate, by virtually everyone else (as well as bylaw in most instances). However, the civilian population was notengaged in actually fighting the war, as in the European countrieswhere battles were fought. The war effort...
they shared allot of stuff with each other
James Garfield and William Henry Harrison
Not yet. Why has there been such a long period of time between the publications of Volume 2 and Volume 3?
To my knowledge, Susan B Anthony had never changed her name
The Ancient Greeks called the Earth 'Gaia'.
The Vietnam War was a battleground in the Cold War. In the late 40s  it was Central and Southern Europe. In the early 50s it was  Northeast Asia. In the 60s it was Southeast Asia. Vietnam was where  the rubber met the road in our attempts to contain Communism in the  1960s
Columns; refer to Parthenon
They have two towers. the tower of London actually has 21 towers . The White Tower The Bloody Tower Beauchamp Tower Bell Tower Bowyer Tower Brick Tower Broad Arrow Tower . Byward Tower Constable Tower Cradle Tower Develin Tower Deveraux Tower Flint Tower Lanthorn Tower...
  When both sides of a war agree to a suspension of hostilities. A truce.
King Edmund the second ironside