Improbable History

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Improbable history refers to historical or fictional events that either did not actually happen, are not likely to have occurred or cannot be easily traced. An example of a question on improbable history is, “Who invented the hangover?”
Ledger hands down. Unless it was a full moon, then Nicholson. If it happened during a solar eclipse, then it would be a tie unless it was a Wednesday during the months of April, June, November and February -- in which case Nicholson has the edge. If however it is a leap year, then its Ledger all day...
Ghandi would priase Allah and go boom but sub zero would freeze him, then ghandi would priases Allah again
the ancient Greeks and/or the ancient Egyptians
The Lighter Side Here at the University of WikiAnswers after much tea-drinking and choccie-biscuit dunking, we Supervisors have come up with a wizard plan to answer this question. On November 5th we are strapping a load of rockets to the back of the Supervisor Mike 2. Once aloft, the supernaut...
Me. Bow down to me mortal
ROLAND VINCENT CARNABY (1956-2008) American spy and CIA officer who specialized in the Middle East and Lebanese studies. Son of an American diplomat to Lebanon and businessman (Vincent KARNABE). Owner of Karnabe Shipping a successful magnate for the middle eastern shipping business. Alleged double...
Bunnies are some of the most dangerous and sinister animals on the planet. Do not be fooled by how cute and cuddly they are. They could over throw our powerful military in a heartbeat, enslaving us all. That is why I say, "get them before they get us". Haha, thanks!
The language spoken by the Ubbwanian people from Ubbwa.
They'll ether drown or grow fins.
It may be a widely held rumor that either "Smith" or "Brown" wasthe first surname, but there is no extant evidence to supporteither claim.
He stopped asking questions like dis
Cary Grant is incorrectly credited with having said that line in one of his movies in 1938 or 1939. In one of the Andy Griffith shows (possibly Mayberry RFD) the character "Goober", who is supposed to be the cousin of "Gomer Pyle", makes a terrible imitation of Cary Grant saying, "Judy, Judy, Judy...
Nixon would win, he would be faster to dodge attacks on a uni cycle. Your hands are free on a uni cycle while on a pogo stick you need your hands and feet. NIXON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In popular culture, the phrase "rubbing mint" has come to mean "wasting time." A group of clever Romanians took the idea of this phrase and ran with it, creating a whole organization, the Romanian Mint Rubbing Association, dedicated to the concept. According to the Romanian Mint Rubbing Association,...
Lost in the mists of time, as knife and fork evolved from sharp rock and stick.
He was quite the philanthropist.
God made the firs pair of clothing for Adam and Eve.
it goes back to hundreds even thousands of years. it was usually just animal intestend on a string.
The apebc's How to be bananas Bologna Primatology: The Lighter Side of Science (Which means some scientific fact and a whole lot of bologna) Gorilla's, which are large, reticent and gentle apes, do not travel in schools fish do. Gorilla's travel in bands. There are some fish that act as...
They can speak English, Spanish Italian French, Dutch, and a language of their own, called Elephonia So be very careful what you say around elephants, as they say 'An elephant never forgets', especially insults.
17th richest man in the world, with an estimated net worth of $32.7billion.
The lighter side Very much so, imagine a chip shop with no salt. or your favourite packet of crisps without salt. Or in the extreme case a saltless sea around the coast.
Al Capone actually liked to have his nails done, and was a fan of pink polish. Although he only had the polish on his toes, it was not long before the word got out. His friends would sometimes call him Al CaPink, which he was not appreciative of when he found out on February 14, 1929. This led to...
24 million people visited Youtube in 2008, with over 15 billion page views a month.
Well, I guess no one really invented names. People would probably make a sound to catch someone's attention when they didn't have any way of communication, and that exact sound would be what everyone would say to that person. So, no one invented them. Not really. .
You can attract them with mushrooms or shiney things, or money. They also like running water.
United Kingdom and the guy who made it was Scottish.
The Greek Presidential Guard uniforms. Just search it on Google images and you'll see what I mean. Seriously, Pom-poms on their shoes?!?! I think it'd be a lot easier to find the more ridiculous ideas of todayLOL!
There are no records about when exactly footwear was invented. There are pictorial records of footwear from Egypt dating about 5,000 years ago. Just like body coverings, footwear was a matter of convenience according to terrain. Possibly In Mesopotamia (c. 1600-1200 BC), a type of soft shoes were...
Unfortunately, no one knows the exact date the fishing pole or fishing rod was invented. The fishing pole has been used, according to some sources, since 2000 BC. Fishing rods were used in ancient China, Egypt, and Greece. When early man first began hunting for food, the spear, arrowhead, and...
God invented the first clothes for Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.
Depending on care and captivity: 8-15 years
It's a largely debunked theory that men who are short feel drivento accomplish more than other men in order to "prove their worth". Napoleon Bonaparte is commonly cited as an example. However,Napoleon wasn't actually short by the standards of his time: hisheight was, naturally enough, reported in...
It is estimated that the worth of the average person in the USA is $180.000. Based on personal goods, cash, business ownership and life insurance
He sure as hell is! This Douche-Canoe is two paddles short of getting out of the river of douche he is floating on if you know what I mean. This guy made a promise to his wife that he would not have any harmless fun at all while TDY and he is defintiely sticking to it. This guy is being so gay about...
They are native to the Andes mountains in South America.
yes in some cases.if you have a plastic one no but you know if it is glass and you tap the bottom after you slam it down really hard.( you have to heat the glass up first)it may break
You have to be at least level 48 in cooking. Find a butter churn (there's one in the cooking guild 2nd floor) and put either milk, butter or cream on the churn. Then it will give you an option of things to make obviously pick the cheese and to get into the cooking guild you must have a chef's hat...
Internet to close for cleaning (April 1997) An e-mail warned users around the world that the Internet would be closed down for cleaning for twenty-four hours from March 31st until April 2nd in order to clear out the "electronic flotsam and jetsam" that had built up on the web, with the cleaning...
\nDo you mean public or pubic\nIf he scratches himself in public any sensible person will leave pronto. I he scratches in pubic he will spin in public and any sensible person will leave pronto.
Because Christopher Columbus did not speak "Hindi" OR "Native American", he named them "Indians" based on his own limited knowledge of the world.
The ancient Aztecs did, on their giant calandar.
The Cara Mia was the Italian luxury cruise ship that vanished intogreen fog.
To Mr. Hitler, its UTTER FAILURE. To the German people, that it WASN'T A LIE. To the Axis Forces, that THEY WOULD BE NEXT. To the Allied Forces, that it wasn't HALTED SOONER. To the Hebrew people, that it was ALLOWED TO HAPPEN AT ALL.
Google search; no results. Yahoo search; no results. Doesn't seem real. Velocoraptors were only 3-4 feet tall, and I believe there are many dinosaurs smaller than humans... 2nd Answerer says: There is no such dinosaur: SOMEone is pulling your parioquinkleydon! :)
the Italian mob because they have more improve weapons than japans mob
There are 1,390 members of the British Parliament. One ten foot rope should last for all of them, however, if one wishes to give each their own rope, then 13,900 feet would be sufficient.
Strictly for those needing/wanting instant results until alternatives were available.
If you're talking about the guiness world record largest shavingcream pie fight: 869 people participated. It took place on June 20,2015, in Belfast (the United Kingdom).
None, as far as I know. . Slightly less snarky (but, perhaps, the above has more truth than one would care to admit), it generally falls to the Executive Branch to carry out the operational functions of the government. The Executive Branch enforces and carries out the laws passed by the...
No, sorry he thinks he is but NO! but oliver becroft is koole AZ
Existence has not yet been proven, so we don't know. Answer: People fishing for Nessie, the famous monster of Loch Ness, often bait their hooks with (store bought) haggis. This is done to imitate the critter's natural food, the Great Highland free-roaming haggis. Nessie captures and eats these...
Because he is scared of Chuck Norris
A penumbral lunar eclipse took place on October 8, 1995. Christopher Keene, American conductor (b. 1946) died.
A prehistoric alien, who talks to cleverbot
If you saw it written that way or heard it pronounced that way, they were probably just referring to the swine flu and either misspelled it or mispronounced it. It could also be that the way you heard it pronounced was by someone with an accent from a country with a language other than English,...
No it has not yet, but you could possibly build it on your ceiling, but it would never work out the way you would plan as a regular toilet. (but technically a space toilet could work upside down)
When it is neither a command or a statement, rather a request for an answer. the sentence is a question when you put a ? and not a . or a ! .
Tell everyone the bad things about the person . and make fun of hem or her It isn't a nice thing to do though......
yes, there are it is called your imagination and your dreams, ifyou ever out grow them.
Animation began when humans began to imagine conveying messages to others. There are paleolithic cave paintings depicting various animals with multiple sets of legs, clearly attempting to display motion. Leonardo Da Vinci drew human anatomy in different positions, indicating motion. Zoetropes...
Mexican hairless dog
On sheep of course... :-)
The lighter side When this first happened, the lady gave birth to an orange baby. Yes you do know who he is. Have you seen Orange Dude, WikiAnswers own little fella. Well this is how he came into existance.
As thinking has always been the best way to travel, the current speed of thought can put you there instantly. Bilocation is NOT out of the question.
Sir Frank Whittle, inventor of the Jet Engine died. Other than that, nothing really
Beer started civilization.
dias was the first european to go down to the tip of south africa. da gama was the first european to go around africa (following dias's tracks) to get to india. (instead of getting there by land.) that way people didn't get robbed by arabs and muslims wen they went to trade with India.
Actual witches or cartoon witches? Actual witches have been around for what seems like forever, it's just that people tend to choose not to believe when they're told that they're, in fact, talking to a real live witch. I know for a fact that most people I know find it positively ridiculous when I...
It is a park.
Questions to ask a vampire include: Do you think it is rude to eat with your mouth open. Have you ever been told you suck all the fun out of things. What is your favorite blood type. Where do you go when it is light out.
Theo's first invention was the ONY. This became so popular thatpeople gave him credit by calling it KannelONY. His secondinvention was a type of dog food, which was called Kannel Ration.
A circle with a donkey in it. Alternate answer: A circle with an elephant in it.
If you mean innamorati, Italian for The Lovers, they were stock theatre characters at the beginning of the 16th Century
Probably not, since I don't own you.
Hope for the best, and avoid the thousands of inappropriate parties being thrown all over the US.
Big folks won't fit in there.
because fellow is always fable
It would be true for me to say he was born in Tallahasee Florida.
The absence of proper parental supervision and attention.
While mothballs are useful for keeping away unicorns, gryphons, griffins, manticores and moths. They do not seem to work on armadillos. The only way I have found to keep the house from being over-run by armadillos is to invest in croquet mallets and hoops. You use the croquet mallets and hoops for...
The Rocky Horror Picture Show opened and Atlanta Braves and the Cincinnati Reds played a game also It was the first mention of the stable element Xeneolo in an X-men comic
it is a spanish baby name
Because it is much warmer than the outside air, yes. Hello Science Fair! Absolutely, yes! And now, from the lighter, yet true, side: Furthermore, if a lit match is held near the expulsion of those noxious gasses, they will ignite(!) just like the unburned fuel from the exhaust pipes of a...
one of the fictional species of Pokémon creatures from the Pokémon media franchise-a collection of video games, anime, manga, books, trading cards, and other media . Japanese Name: Pikachyuu Type : Electric Species: mouse Height : 1' 04" Weight : 13.0 lb Evolution : Pikachu...