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No Indian actress has ever been nominated for an Oscar.
Answer . I don't know how long your question has been waiting for an answer, but Aaron Russo died August 24th, 2006, apparently of cancer, however the internet is loaded with conspiracy theories of what it 'really' was . . .
First of all, his name is spelled Shahid Kapur, second of all, it's:. February 25, 1981
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Bollywood celebs do not comment on web. They do not have any time for this. They love to work and they focus on that only.
my best Rani mukherjee is 33 years old but she is young
She is not in love with you or how you have treated or not treated her ?Seek to understand what she means by that comment. Love can be a fleeting emotion that can return with a lot of work. Sure doesn't sound romantic but it is true. Are you realy listening to what she says? Does she feel safe with...
Besides being an able administrator Mr. Basu stood for the uplift of the poor. His contribution to the centralisation of power and land reforms had a far reaching impact on Indian politics
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who is the biggest bollywood star of all time
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Literature is important because we learn the history of writing. We can understand how these brilliant writers lived and the material is interesting to learn.
My name is Khan is a hit movie, though it has underperformed as compared to 3 idiots. But still given the concept of the movie, which was on a serious note while 3 idiots was a light hearted film with an entertaining concept around it, My Name is Khan has been proved to be a successful venture for...
"My Name is Khan" is a very boring and not so convincing movie. I watched the movie and I felt it is good advertisement for Zandu Balm.
Shahid Kapoor has three half siblings; a sister named Sanah and brothers named Ruhaan and Ishaan Khattar.
Depends which Imran Khan? The singer, actor, or the retired cricket player? Anyways, none of them do
his 2010 number is 9998413319
dhirubhai ambani international school
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Salman Rushdie will die soon or later, I hope he dies in my hand
Nana Patekar was born on January 1, 1951.
no he does not love her yaar karan loves krystle dsouza only
amirkhan email address.
a runor is a runor. in this case it is not true. he was in a television show in 1999 though Answer well it says he did on Answer i have seen this Hindi film and no it was no the undertaker, it was a look-alike. Answer It was wrestler Brian Lee who had also wrestled as Chainz, part...
i think i good song will be show me your jalwa from aaja nachle. Or maybe soni de nakhre. Here is a list of songs that u may want to choose: Theme song of golmaal Race ki saason ki-race Jogi Mahi- Bachna ae haseeno . Um well, I can't really think of any recent songs, but if you want...
Aamir khan lives in mumbai currently. He has his bungalow located in bandra in mumbai area. He stays there when he is having some free time but most of the time is out for shooting.
Mohammed Rafi died on July 31, 1980.
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Pehli Waar, Nai rehna, Aaja ve mahiya
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He acted more than 250 films in bollywood
Salman Khan's official fan mail address: 3 Galaxy Apartments BJ Road Band Stand Bandra Mumbai, MS 400050 INDIA
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Many people from the film industry say that Aishwarya lost hervirginity to Subhash ghai for the simple reason for his background.Although it is now known that he did nothing to her because of herstar status. She actually lost her virginity to Salman khan with whom she was inrelationship for 4 years...
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yes,they are married they have two children,one boy named yug(born 2010) and one girl named nysa(born 2003)
Akshay Kumar's second movie was 'Khiladi'.
her dad was a muslim and her mum was a christian so she is half muslim and half christian
religon does katrina kaif believe in chirstan
after all,kajol is the best bollywood actress!she is so wonderful! by pannaga.ksp
Super star rajinikanth
yes, its a Muslim name based upon African Muslims....