Marching Bands

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Marching bands consist of a group of instrumental musicians performing outside that normally includes brass, woodwinds, and percussion instruments. Most people see marching bands at high school and college football games but many bands also compete in marching band competitions. There are also many professional marching bands, like Drum Corps International (DCI). Ask questions about marching bands in this category.
OK Go did a song with a marching band called "This Too Shall Pass". Fleetwood Mac performed Tusk accompanied by the USC Marching Band.
Because of the difficulties in being able to bow across the strings while walking down a path. Besides, where would one place the lyre that holds the music? The violin is also not a "band" instrument.
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it really depends on the title of the band's marching show
After World War I there was a surplus of instruments from the bands that played during the war. Because of this, more people could afford instruments and the African American community could now play on many of these instruments and create their own music. In the long run this led to what we now...
because sound travels pretty slow. thats why if your in the veryback at a rock concert, and you see the drummer hit a drum, and youhear the drum a half a second or so later. in marching band, youwant the sound to line up for the audience. to achieve this, listenback, and center. usually the drumline...
Percussion, yes marching bands do have more percussion. They also use trumpets where in the brass band the cornet is used. Brass bands in their traditional form are mainly confined to the British Isles especially in the north of England. There are also similar bands found in the Netherlands, Norway...
That would be types of instruments that aren't portable, like a piano (Electronic ones can be marched and played, though) or a xylophone (although the little xylophone called a Glockenspiel is often used) or instruments that are too heavy or awkward to march with, like tubas, larger saxophones, and...
Orchestras play while sitting down. There's no marching whileplaying a cello.
Macy's Christmas Parade or the Rose Bowl Parade.
I would say probably the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
I feel very loyal to my marching band. I learned all about teamwork and what putting in hard work really means. When we all perform a show, I am very happy because I know that I am working with all my friends and that I am giving the audience a show that they can enjoy. I love being in my schools...
The three families of a marching band are Winds, Percussion, and Colorguard.
The trumpet makes a beautiful noise and its easy to read the small music u attach on BUT the mouthpiece when marching has 2 be plastic else it gets very hold becuz its metal.... I play the clarinet :( .... gets boring but beautiful in the high notes but when marching ur music is down low.... if u...
The first marching band to ever march during halftime at a football game was the University of Illinois' Marching Illini. They performed at halftime in 1907 during the University of Illinois' game against the University of Chicago.
there's no such thing, but there is such thing as a brass marching band
Most of John Philip Sousa's music was published before 1923 and the U.S. copyright has expired, so no license is needed. For performances: If you select works that were done later, assuming they are still copyrighted, you will need to notify the Copyright Office of your performance and the number...
A marching band staff typically consists of the band director, a marching director, a woodwind instructor, a brass instructor, and separate instructors for the drumline and the pit. Depending on how much funding the band has, the woodwind instructor could be split between two people--a flute/piccolo...
That wherever there is a group there's a problem and fights, but if you work together you can make peace which is like beautiful music
Yes, all schools should have a band, preferrably the marching kind.
THE ANSWER IS YES. My high school has a very vigorous music program. Our jazz band made it All-State, we went to a marching band festival, and received honorable mentions as a band. I am a senior this year, I play the baritone saxophone (rather uncommon instrument) and plan to pursue music. Two of...
Usually in football games before the games begin
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The number one largest band is Strath Haven High School. I amunclear about the other 4 though
On September 15, 1984 the K-State Band Day was recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records. In conjunction with that year's Band Day, sixty-seven school bands joined the K-State Band on the field, creating a 3,144 piece marching band, which put them in the book as the world's largest marching...
Norwich University had the first collegiate band, which was formed in 1820.
Talk to the Band Teacher, ask permission, then go to the office and put it into your schedule.
J.W. Pepper surely has a marching band arrangement of BeatIt for sale.
Not exactly. It would fall under Music Instructor. (If you decide to teach at a high school level)
This can be a difficult question to answer, not only because band sizes fluctuate from year to year, but because some bands only march upperclassmen and/or hold out alternates. Arcadia HS from Arcadia is usually the biggest, ranging between 375 and 425 members. Reedley HS from Reedley is often...
talk to him. you obviously have a instrument in common so use that as an excuse. ask him when the next practice is our if he thinks your playing the right notes. its not that hard. band guys arent that hard to approach.
Have you seen the music video "You belong with me"? That should answer your question. (In other words, no)
The common uniform for marchers consists of a hat, plume, uniform jacket and pants, dinkles or drillmasters (shoes) gloves, gauntlets, and sometimes music and a lyre, although many bands memorize their music.. Tech-wise, if you have soloists or electronic instruments you will need speakers and mics.
I honestly cant tell you the top ten college marching bands. But i can tell you that the Ohio State Marching Band is the best in the country. I believe they have 225 members in the band that all have to pass a tryout, and even after they make it in the band they all have to audition every week to be...
there's no definition of cool, as it is centered on opinion. if you think it is cool, go for it. i think it's cool. those who don't think so should keep that to themselves because it ain't their business to tell OTHER people what is and isn't cool. marching band is for nerds. its for people who...
Marching band is currently considered anathletic activity in most high schools. While studies show that thephysical exertion that is put forth in the marching band does notexceed that of other sports, and tends to be less intense thanother sports. It was found that participating though does...
Typically the director "instructs" the band on what to do or what to play. However, it's the drum major(s) who conduct(s) the band while on the field.
Snare drums, Bass drums, Tom-toms
The kind of marching band drums that are actually on the field marching are basses, snares and tenors. The kinds of drums that are technially part of the marching band but do not actually march would be timpini, tom-toms. Or at least this is how it is for my high school band. Hope this helped!
Here's a list of famous former marching band members: Flute • Halle Berry, actress • Celine Dion, singer • Calista Flockhart, actress • George Eastman, founder of Kodak • Gwen Stefani, singer Clarinet • Woody Allen, director • Gloria Estefan,...
Yes it does, the Cavaliers
Though there is no single best marching band in the world, I think it's safe to say that the Blue Devils come pretty close. might have some, but it's all over 90 years old. Anythingnewer than that is still protected by copyright.
I can't speak for all bands, but in the marching band that I was in, we were graded for daily attendance of practices and for shows/parades.
A mace. The mace is used to coand the band, and also to perform tricks, to win points in competition :)
As many as the band director want! It just depends on how many he/she would like!
I marched in President Richard M. Nixon's second inaugural parade on January 20, 1973 with the Thomas A. Edison High School marching band from Alexandria, Virginia. I remember there being 1977 members of this event entry which included all of the area high school bands, drum majors, majorettes and...
Marching Bands . Depending upon the area in which you live, there may be community bands sponsored by various organizations such as Fire Companies, Police Depts. , etc. The local Chamber of Commerce usually has all of this information. Although many of them are drum & bugle corps, there are many...
I'd say it's popular depending on where you live
Depending on the state, or individual competition, AA, AAA, and other various classes are determined by the size of either the school of the marching band, or the size of the band itself. Usually, AA denotes a smaller size school or band than AAA.
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It canbe any kind of music! :) For example, lat year, my marching band played "Poker Face" and "Soak Up the Sun." It can be any type, really. Usually something upbeat
Flutes give higher pitches to the entire ensemble. It is also easier for flutes to do complicated runs than it would be for larger brass instruments.
The SOUSAPHONE, i think after some guy called John Philip Sousa.
The different styles of marching band hats have different names. The typical hat, which is shaped like a bucket and has a plume on top, is called a Shako. The style which resembles a "three musketeers hat" is called an Aussie.
Marimba, Sousaphone, Marching Tuba, Bari sax, baritone horn, tenor sax. Anything else that could be played in a very low octave is relatively large
Shako. Hope this helped! and the feathery part is a plume
At our school, we are given drill cards and it tells us where we're located on the grid system and learn it spot by spot.
In parades, competitions, carnivals and services. Anywhere all over the world.
Yes, sometimes. In most high school bands, there are clarinets and other woodwinds (flutes, piccolos, saxophones, etc.) It depends on the discretion of the band director. She or he may choose to only have certain woodwind instruments, like saxophones, because of their projection ability, and so on...
well hillside high school has a very good marching program in NC. If you go to North Carolina and ask who are they...You'll get a quick answer lol
Though any instrument could play the melody at any time in any given marching band musical piece, and in many pieces each instrument plays the melody or a variation of it at some point, the most common instruments to play the melody are the trumpet, clarinet, piccolo/flute, and alto saxophone.
This really depends on the individual piece of music and the moodof the said piece of music. For example, if the song was intendedto be light and happy, then flutes or similar instruments wouldprobably be displayed more prominently. However, if the song was adarker song, then lower instruments would...
A tuba used in marching bands is called a sousaphone.
A marching band plays at halftime at football games. They also play play in their own competitions in football stadiums. However, throwing a personal note in, being in marching band myself, we have to practice in an old parking lot, and only get to use the field for competitions. But as far as it is...
White Knoll High School. They beat Rock Hill High School by .075 points.
Yes, and it includes all the woodwind and brass instruments.
In some. They can have a whole range of instruments
While some people can do both football and marching band, if you must choose one of the other, write some pros and cons of joining each. Think about the benefits of each, the time commitment, amount of work, how much leisure time you will have, ect. Don't go with what your friends want, do what will...
No. In nearly all of marching bands, there are no double-reed instruments like the bassoon or oboe.
The drum major usually carries the baton. It its a girl it is called a drum majorette.