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== == They had signed a treaty of alliance pledging to fight together in any war before the war started. When Germany went to war with Britain and France, Italy also declared war.

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Q: How did Germany and Italy become allies during World War 2?
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When did Germany become allies with Italy?

On September 27, 1940 Germany and Italy become allies along with Japan when they signed the Tripartite Pact. These powers eventually became known as the Axis Alliance.

How were the allies of Germany?

Italy and japan were the allies of Germany

Who were Germany's allies in World War 2?

Germany's allies during WWII were Italy and Japan. They were known as the Axis powers.

Who were Austria's allies during ww1?

Both Germany and Italy were allies of Austria during World War I but Italy didn't like Austria very much. This alliance among Austria, Italy, and Germany was called the Triple Alliance.

Who opposed allies during World War 2?

Germany, japan and Italy

What were the two countries that were aligned with Germany?

Austrio-Hungary and Italy were allies of Germany during World War I.

What countries were allies of Japan during War 2?

Japan was a part of the Axis Powers. Their allies were Germany and Italy.

Who were allies of Germany during World War 2?

Italy and Japan were the main allies of Germany during WW2 though Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and Finland joined Germany to fight Soviet Russia.

In what year did Germany and Italy become allies during World War 2?

Mussolini had what "he" termed a "Pact of Steel" signed with Germany in 1939. The Tripartite Pact was signed in September '40.

What year did Japan become allies with Germany?

In September 1940 Japan allied with Germany and Italy through the Tripartite Pact

What year did Italy become allies with Germany and Japan?

Japan never joined with Germany, they fought only aginst the US.

What is Germany and its allies?

Germany was A Nazi ruled country and it's allies were Italy, and Japan.

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