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How do you remove the harmonic balancer on a 1998 Dodge?

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first jack up and support the front passengers side of the van then take the tire off then take the plastic splash guard off then you should be able to see the harmonic balancer from the wheel well opening then your going to need to take off the belt then put a harmonic balancer puller on it and crank it out harmonic balancer puller is absulutely needed to take the balancer off of you could damage the balancer or even wors the crankshaft, the pullers are really cheap compared to a crankshaft

2011-09-13 06:22:48
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How do you remove the bolt on the harmonic balancer of a 1998 Lincoln Town Car?

you unscrew it

What is the torque specification for harmonic balancer bolt for a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 5.9 liter V8?

between 150-180. anywhere in that area is fine

What size socket will BE needED to replace a harmonic balancer on a 1998 Malibu?


Where is the harmonic balancer on a 1998 Chevy Venture?

It is on the front of the motor, it will be the bottom most pully.

Where is the harmonic balancer on a 1998 Lincoln continental?

the harmonic balancer is the crankshaft pulley approx6 or 7 inch diameter lower pully center of engine the serp belt is driven by power pulley also have a retaining bolt in center

Where is the crankshaft sensor in a 1998 Nissan Altima?

The crankshaft sensor on the 1998 NISSAN ALTIMA is located next to the radiator side of the harmonic balancer

Where is the thermostat located and how do you replace it located on a 1998 Mercury Villager?

Passenger side (front of the motor) in the middle. Just above the water pump. Must remove cover and harmonic balancer to install. Very difficult.

Where is the crank shaft sensor located on a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix?

It's on the inside of the Harmonic Balancer Pully. It shoud be blue in color

Loosen a harmonic balancer bolt 1998 mustang?

socket and force bar on bolt brace against frame and use starter to loosen

How do replace the timing belt on a 1998 plymouth breeze 2.0 engine?

You can replace the timing belt on a 1998 Plymouth Breeze 2.0 engine using a Harmonic Balancer Puller 5.

How do you remove the harmonic balancer from a 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan?

Harmonic balancer serviceThis requires a gear puller. Always note: A harmonic balancer is made of two parts. The two parts are metal and they are made to nest one inside the other. If you look at the balancer you will notice a ring somewhere in the device. This ring is made of isolation material. Never pull the balancer from any point outside the ring. It will likely separate the balancer at this intersection. On my 1996 van I used a two arm puller because the gaps in the "spokes" of the inner part allowed a two arm puller to be centere over the mounting bolt (center of pully). If two arm type does not work then a three arm puller will likely be the one you need. If the blancer does not have spokes then you will need a steering wheel type puller or a puller made specifically for you balancer. I have had to make pullers for older 1990 and earlier engines. Once you have the correct puller you will need to remove the center mount bolt on the balancer. Usually you can then remove the washer that is used on this bolt and then re-install the bolt but do not thread it all the way in. You can now use the head of the bolt as the push point for the center bolt of the puller. install the puller of your choice and slowly and carefully tighten the pully . The balancer should slide slowly off the shaft.To reinstall the balancer. align it with any keyways or other markers on the shaft. Push the balancer on far enough for the installation bolt to be used with the washer. Then use the installation bolt to pull the balancer into position.Good luck.You should be done at this point.

Location of the crankshaft sensor on a 1998 Buick Century?

the crankshaft position sensor is located right behind the harmonic balancer mounted on the timing cover

How do you replace gasket seals at the timing chain area oil is leaking out in that area of my 1998 Nissan 200sx-se 16l?

If the oil is leaking from the timing chain cover behind the Harmonic Balancer (main large double pulley the belts run on). After removing the belts you need to remove the Harmonic Balancer using a puller, not to damage it, and then replace the seal in the cover. Inspect the back side of the Harmonic Balancer. The seal only seals to the shoulder of the Harmonic Balancer not the back face. If the shoulder's surface is not smooth replace it or it will leak again. Apply some light grease on the seal and mating surface of the Harmonic Balancer and reinstall. Re-install the belts. If it is leaking around the edges of the cover the sealant may need replacing. Also check the condition of the sealant around the oil pan. Both would require removal/cleaning and re-sealing.

Does a 1998 chevy vortex engine have two timing marks?

There should be advance marks on the harmonic balancer, and timing marks on both timing chain gears.

Is there a crank sensor on a 1998 Chevy Z71 if so where?

Yes there is. It is bolted in the passenger side of the timing cover behind the harmonic balancer / bottom pulley on the front of the engine.

What is the thread pitch of the harmonic balancer retaining bolt on a 98 Honda Accord v6 3litre?

Having E-Mailed Honda Austrlia , and recieved their answer from their technical department I can say that a 1998 Honda Accord V6 3litre harmonic balancer retaining bolt is 16MM x 1.5MM Pitch. i hope this helps. John G W

Where is the crankshaft sensor on a 1998 buick lesabre?

The Crank sensor in my 91 LeSarre Limited is behind the Harmonic balancer pulley....there are fins on the back of the pulley that line up with the sensor.

How do you get the heater core out of a 1998 Dodge pu?

Remove the dash!

Where is the crank sensor in a 2000 dodge stratus se 2.4?

on the passenger side of the engine. you have to go under the car and look for the harmonic balancer and you should see it. it has only 1 screw and it is on the engine under the passenger side under the tire by the bottom pulley. it worked today for me on a 1998 stratus. hope this helps

How do you remove spare tire on a 1998 dodge ram without tool?

To remove the spare tire on the 1998 Dodge Ram, you will need a hex tool. Apparently no tools came with the vehicle to do this, so you may end up purchasing this tool. Better yet, take it to a Dodge dealership and they can remove it for you.

How do you remove a radiator fan clutch from a 1998 dodge Dakota?

Does anyone know how to take off a radiator fan clutch from a 1998 Dodge Dakota 3.9 V6

How do I change the Fuel Pump on a 1998 Dodge Durango?

Remove fuel tank for access

How do you replace headlight on 1998 dodge truck?

Do you have to remove the battery and battery holder?la

Do you need to remove the serpentine belt to replace the thermostat in a 1998 dodge ram 1500?


How do you take apart the dash on 1998 dodge ram?

To take apart the dash on a 1998 Dodge Ram, you need to first remove the bezel. From there, you remove the radio. Then the screws will come undone from the sides and under the dash. Then it just pops off.