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Click on the link to your right for a good view of the tool, but I've seen them sell as cheap as 11 bucks.

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Q: What kind of spring compressor do you use to remove a door hinge pin on a Chevy S-10?
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How do replace the door spring on a 2003 Chevy s 10?

Your local auto parts store can sell you an inexpensive tool to remove and replace that door detente spring. Other hinge parts such as the pin and roller for the door detente and hinge pins and bushings are also available.

How do you remove a passenger front door on a 2004 Chevy Avalanche?

There is a bolt on the side of the hinge.If you loosen the bolt, the hinge comes apart and you can lift the door off the hinge.You will need to remove the door panel and remove the wiring harness before you can remove the door.

How do you change door pins and bushings on a 1999 Chevy blazer?

REMOVAL & INSTALLATIONSee Figures 1 and 2 Fig. 1: A spring compressor tool must be used to remove the springs when working on the doors/hingesFig. 2: Exploded view of the door hinge pinsThe following procedure requires the use of a door hinge spring compressor such as J-36604-A or equivalent. # If equipped with power door components, perform the following procedures: ## Disconnect the negative battery cable. ## Check for access to the wiring by removing the cowl side vent cover. If access is possible, remove the receptacles from the wiring harness, then remove the retainer from the wiring harness grommet. Remove the rubber conduit from the door pillar by pushing it from the vent cover side. ## If access is not possible, remove the door trim panel, then unplug the electrical harness connector from the power door lock motor and/or the power window regulator. Remove the harness from the door. # If available, apply cloth-backed tape to the door and body pillar for protection. CAUTIONBefore removing the hinge spring from the door, cover the spring with a towel to prevent the spring from flying and possibly causing personal injury.# Using a door hinge spring compressor such as No. J-36604-A or equivalent, compress the door hinge spring and remove it. # To remove the door hinge pin clips, spread the clips and move them above the recess on the pin; when the pin is removed, the clip will ride on the pin and fall free of it. ## Using a soft-head hammer and a pair of locking pliers, remove the lower pin from the door hinge; then, temporarily install a bolt (in the lower pin hole) to hold the door in place until the upper hinge pin is removed. ## Remove the upper door hinge pin and support the door, then remove the bolt from the lower hinge pin hole and remove the door from the vehicle. To install:# To install the door, position it on the hinges and insert a bolt through the lower hinge pin hole. # Using a new hinge pin clip, install the upper hinge pin. # Remove the bolt from the lower hinge pin hole. Using a new hinge pin, install it into the lower hinge pin holes. # Compress the door hinge spring and install it into the door hinge using the door hinge spring compressor tool. # If equipped with power door components, re-engage the wiring and install the trim panel or pieces, then connect the negative battery cable. ADJUSTMENTSFactory installed hinges are welded in place, so no adjustment of the system is necessary or recommended. Service replacement hinges are bolted in position and may be adjusted. If your vehicle is equipped with service replacement hinges, please refer to the door hinge adjustment procedure located later in this section. Depending on the type of door hinge you have, you wont have the clips mentioned above. If this is the case there will be a silver cap that sit on the top of the door pin. all you have to do it hit the top of the pin with a BF hammer (or rubber hammer) and a punch. The pin will come straight out. One thing to be aware of, as soon as that pin is out it will put all the pressure on the other pin. U should use a bucket and place it under the door so that it doesnt fall too much. I did mine yesterday and it took about 30 minutes. If you have the right tool (which I didnt) and someone to help you it should be no longer than 30 minutes. Good Luck!!!!!!

How do you replace door hinge pin in a 2000 Chevy S-10?

I had to remove my doors to do it. You will need access to the bodyshop tool that compresses the door spring on the hinge. That was the only hard part. You will also need to unhook all connections for power windows, locks too.Took me about 2 -3 hours the first time I did it. Mark

How to remove 1991 camaro door hinge pin?

Open the door, support it with a jack, remove the hinge spring. To remove the pin, you should have to remove a retaining clip at the head of the pin and then tap it out with a hammer. The upper hinge has two bolt secured bushings. Unthread the bolts, tap them out with a hammer and pull out the bushings. Make sure the door is held secure, as it will be free floating at this point.

What keeps the fuel door closed on a 96 Chevy Corsica?

There is a spring on the fuel door hinge that keeps the fuel door closed. I hope this info helps.

How do you put a door hinge spring on?

installing a double action spring hing

How do you remove welded on door hinges 02 Avalanche?

Buy a hinge pin and bushing kit then rebuild the hinge on the vehicle and avoid trying to remove the hinge off the vehicle.

How do you remove the cylinder on a High Standard High Sierra 22 Cal Revolver?

use a short piece of 1/8 inch dowell to push in the spring loaded pin on the cylinder hinge just enough to release the hinge. be careful when removing the cylinder that you dont lose the spring loaded pin.

Can not get the spring back in the door hinge on 1997 Chevy pickup?

Your local auto parts store will sell you a simple tool to do just that. It should sell for under $10.

How do you set the tension on a spring hinge?

It depends on the type. Some are set and cannot be changed, some are wound up and held with a pin that goes through the hinge to hold the spring.

How do you remove the drivers side door to a 1997 Blazer?

After you've removed the door trim panel and unplugged all electrical connections from the door: 1 - open the door all the way and support it on jacks or blacks covered with cloth or pads to prevent damaging the paint. 2 - Use a spring compressor tool, available at most auto parts stores, to compress and remove the hinge spring. WARNING: The door hinge may fly off the compressor tool during removal. To prevent personal injury, cover the spring with a heavy rag before removing it. 3 - Have someone hold the door, remove the hinge pin retainers and drive out the pins then carefully lift off the door. 4 - If the door doesn't close properly after installation, the door latch striker can be adjusted both up and down and sideways to provide positive engagement with the latch mechanism. This is done by loosening the door strike bolt and moving the strikeer as necessary.

How can one replace a cabinet hinge?

To replace a cabinet hinge, you must first remove the screws that attach to the door with either a screwdriver or a drill with screw bit. Next you want to remove the cabinet door. Once you have removed the door, remove the hinge from the cabinet. You can then attach a new hinge. A nice tip is to have a partner hold the door while you screw the hinge back in place.

How do you replace upper door hinge on 1996 Chevy blazer?

This is the most difficult hinge to replace on that vehicle. The original hinge is welded in place. The replacement hinge bolts in. In order to gain access to the back side of the hinge that is welded to the cab the entire dash assembly needs to be removed. Many times the original hinge can be rebuilt in place with pin and bushing kits and a little welding and drilling of the holes if they are damaged/oblonged. You will need a special tool to r&r the door hinge spring. This tool is available from your local auto parts store for less than $20.

HOW DO YOU RemovE door pins Chevy 2002 s10?

It would be helpful if you purchased the tool to remove and replace the door spring, it is not expensive, probably under $20. Once you have the door spring removed, remove the hinge pin retaining clips, one on each pin. Then have soneone hold the door while you drive the lower pin up and out, then the upper pin down and out. If you have wires connected between the body and door for speakers and such, these will need to be disconnected from within the door. Door panel will have to be removed to gain access to connections.

How do you replace hinge on a 95 Mercury cougar?

To replace the hinge on a 95 Mercury Cougar, remove the bolts holding the hinge in place. Find a replacement hinge from the manufacturer and install it using the right hardware.

How do you replace door hinge pins on a Chevy cavalier?

Open your doors, you may need to remove your fenders .Then find the nuts for the hinges, remove the nuts while supporting the door. Be careful of your door. Remove the hinges from the frame, replace, follow through in reverse.

How do you replace a car door hinge pin?

First you need to get the right tools for the job and the right parts to fix the problem. There is a hinge pin in both the upper and lower hinges and four brass bushings and there is two different size bushings in each hinge and also two hinge pin retaining washers. As for the tools, you need a spring compressor, jack, hammer, punch. First, open the door all the way and put jack under door. I like to use a 2-by-4 board on top of the jack to help spread the weight of the door out a little. Next, if the door has a wiring harness in the jamb loosen the rubber insulation form both the door and the body. This gives a couple of inches of slack in the wiring. Next use the spring compressor to remove the spring, then use the punch and hammer to drive out the pins. It is very hard to get them to move at first but gets easier as they start to move. I would recommend having a helper to hold the door upright as it will fall when the pin is removed from the hinge. Once the pins are out move the door and jack away from the body, to gain more access room the replace the bushings: two in the door side and two in the body side. Then slide door and jack back and align hinge holes and install new pins. I always grease the bushing and pins before installing. Drive the new pins all the way flush with the hinge and install the retainers. Reinstall the spring and reattach the wiring insulation.

Where do you find a Chevy van door hinge?

dealer parts department?

What is do you put inside a tailgate hinge for a Chevy pickup?

A little grease.

How do you remove the door on a 1991 Chevy s-10 pickup?

get a friend too help. start at the bottom hinge drive the pin out, remove sping. do the same with top. now the door is free of cab. drive out brass bushing if its still there. drive in new bushings lign up door starting with top hinge. drive pin in replace spring before installing bottem pin. this is if you have a door that doesn't have power windows or locks. if you do remove door panel unplug motors before you start. the wires, rubber boot will not let you mremove door from cab. don't forget to put spring back in place before you place the bottem pin and drive it in place its almost impossable to do after.

How do you change door hinge pins on a 99 Blazer?

You can't. The entire hinge must be replaced.Completely FALSE! The pins can be replaced and are currently available for ~$6 from Advanced Auto Parts stores (Motormite #38419). First, the detent spring must be removed. Support the door either on a jack or some stands of the proper height. Remove the retention washer from the top of the pin. Then push the pin out of the hinge. Replace the bushings with those supplied in the replacement pin kit and push the new pin up into place the same way that the old one came out (make sure to lubricate the pin properly with some heavy grease). Install the retention washer and reinstall the spring (which is easier said than done).Taking the spring out was hard and I've never been able to replace the old one. I here there is a special tool to do this but it is not that important to me. Be careful removing the old spring.I have replaced the door hinge pins and bushings many time on my 99 Chevy blazer. You can buy the kit at autozone or most auto parts stores. My friend owns an autobody shop so he has the spring depresser tool to remove the detent spring. You may be able to buy the tool in an auto parts store or maybe even rent one. But if you can remove that spring just follow the directions above! Good luck!The spring compressor tool is very cheap and runs about $10 at Advance or Auto Zone. Spend the little extra money to do the job right. Without it the door opens way too easily and is not held open. The best write up can be found here:

How do you align 2004 Chevy Blazer door?

Replace the hinge pins and bushings.

How do you remove the pins to change a door on a 1989 Buick?

You do not remove the pin. Remove the bolts holding the entire hinge from the door. You need a helper to do this, and will need help aligning the new door. Mark the location of the old hinge with a marker around the outer edge of the hinge and replace it as close as possible in the exact same location.

How do you remove center console lid for 2005 Chevy Trailblazer?

Remove bolts on the underside of lid at the hinge. Remove screws on bottom side of the lid. Gently pry bottom of the lid from the top of the lid, there's a metal bracket in between them. The console lid should then be apart from the console.

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