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Which countries have laws about child labor?


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Britain,Canada china France Mexico and the u.s.

100% positive


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All countries need to enforce labor laws forbidding child labor.

To the best of my knowledge, every state has child labor laws. There are also federal child labor laws. To find Texas' child labor laws, google 'Texas statutes, labor code, chapter 51'

which state did not have child labor laws in 1914?

All civilized countries have child labor laws. The laws are there to make sure under aged children are not forced to work against their will. What child wants to be involved in forced labor while his/her friends are at play or in school? Sadly these laws are quite necessary as in some nations children would otherwise be forced to work.

Canada has child labor laws.

Children and their parents are affected by child labor laws. Prospective employers are also affected as they cannot employ child labor.

Examples of child labour (which is illegal uner UN conventions) DO exist in some countries where the laws are not adequately enforced.

Most states and countries have child labor laws so you need to be 18.

Yes, there are many rules and laws about child labor. There Federal laws set as minimum requirements and many states have stricter laws.

Child labor laws were laws that protected children in the workplace. Many children were being overworked and injured. These laws kept many children safe.

Labor laws include the number of hours a person may work, when overtime is paid, when a strike is allowed, and child labor laws.

See the link below for the Wisconsin Child Labor website.

Labor laws began in 1938. These laws were began in an effort to curb child labor and provide better working conditions. Labor laws were started by Caesar Chavez.

cheap labor. and less kids in schools. personally i am quite fond of child labor laws.

Congress included child labor restrictions in the FAir LAbor Standards ACt in 1935.

The labor laws is 18 to start a buisness. i think that this is ridiculesness

You must be 16 to get a job in California. For more child labor laws in California, visit They have comprehensive posters of child labor laws included in the labor law posters. Most states have laws that make employers post labor law posters of child labor laws.

Some countries that still have child labor are Taiwan, China, India, Pakistan, Africa, & Vietnam.

No. but there are very strict labor laws that govern how/when they will work, etc. as in child actors.

Here are a couple of countries that uses child labor: Vietnam, Afghanistan, Ecuador, Ghana, Ukraine, and more

No, see the link below for the US Dept. of Labor's state by state laws regarding child labor.

Child Labor is very complicated. Therefore the same rules do not apply in pennsylvania.

The Federal government sets specific labor laws, including those about child labor. But the states can put their own laws in effect, as long as they do not contradict the Federal laws. Most states regulate the hours a child can work and the ages they can get a work permit.

Since ever; and this is not only a problem of Mexico but at least until relatively recently, of all the world; the only countries that have instituted anti-child-labor laws are already industrialized countries which themselves had this issue during their respective industrialization processes.

Child labor laws apply no matter what, regardless of stock, who owns the company or what the employment circumstances of the child are.

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