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Australia saw the Japanese fleet moving toward Pearl Harbor. They told America, but it was shrugged off by President Roosevelt.

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Q: Why was Australia involved in Pearl Harbor?
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Was Australia involved in the attack on Pearl Harbor?

No Australia was an allied power and so was not involved with japan. although it is possible that some Australian soldiers were stationed at pearl harbor when it was bombed

Who was involved in the Pearl Harbor attack?

Minoru Genda was the one who planned the "Attack On Pearl Harbor". And the U.S., and the Japanese were involved.

Is Pearl Harbor the same place as Sydney Harbor?

No. Pearl Harbor is in Hawaii. Sydney Harbour is at Sydney, Australia.

Which countries were involved in Pearl Harbor?

Japan attacked the United States Navy at Pearl Harbor.

Were there other countries involved in the attack on Pearl Harbor?

No. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on there own.

Why was the US involved in war after the attack of Pearl Harbor?

the Americans were mad that the pearl harbor was bombed

What countries where involved in the Pearl Harbor?

hawaii was the only one It depends what you mean. What countries attacked Pearl Harbor? Or what countries ran Pearl Harbor?

What parties were involved in the battle of Pearl Harbor?

The United states Navy and the Imperial Japanese naval fleet were involved in the batttle for pearl harbor.

What was the signifigance of the attack of Pearl Harbor?

The attack on Pearl Harbor is how the United States became involved in WW2

What was the pilots name that bombed pearl harbor?

There were a large number of pilots involved in the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Who was involved at pearl harbor?

the USA and Japanese

How did the bombing of Pearl Harbor lead to Australia being involved in the War in the Pacific?

Seeing as Australia had been at war since 1939, the attack at Pearl Harbour, December 7 1941, obviously, had no effect on Australia's being involved in the war in the pacific.

Was china involved in Pearl Harbor?

No. China was not involved in Pearl Harbor. Japan attacked the United States in Pearl Harbor. China, however, had been at war with Japan for several years when Japan attacked the United States.

What countries were involved in pearl harbor?

Japan and America

Was the British Navy involved in the attack on Pearl Harbor?


What famous person was involved in Pearl Harbor?


What countries were involved with Pearl Harbor after?

America and russia

What persons are involved in the attack on pearl harbor?

The french.

Was Pearl Harbor involved in World War 1?


How did the attack on Pearl Harbor affect Australia?

it didnt

Did the Japanese attack Australia before pearl harbor?


Who was involved in the pear harbor attacked?

Japan attacked the Americans at Pearl Harbor , Hawaii .

When did the United States get involved in World War 2?

when Americans got involved in WW2In world war 2, Americans got involved right after the Japanese attacked pearl harbor. AnswerPearl Harbor.

What branches of the military were involved in the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Pearl Harbor was attacked by the combined efforts of air and sea military units.

When did the US get involved with World War 2?

Pearl Harbor.