Fundraising is the act of soliciting donations for a charitable organization or cause. Fundraising is the main source of income for non-profit organizations.

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How profitable is selling alcohol for fund-raising purposes?

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The most important information omitted in the question is where this sale would take place, as this affects everything including your potential customers and the legality of the sale. Assuming that everything is to be done legally so you cannot be hit with any fines, that you are selling to people with enough disposable income to spend on alcohol and you have bought enough stock to lower the unit price, then I think it would be fair to say... VERY profitable. Especially so if you are raising funds for an admirable cause.
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Where can you find ideas for an arts fundraiser?

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Arts Fundraising Ideas You can Make iHeart Haiti, You make clay Hearts and put them in neckless and glaze them or Just just have a bake sell You could always do something as simple as designing a graphic for a t-shirt that has something to do with helping Haiti. I know everyone can use t-shirts, and as long as it's a nice looking graphic and the prices aren't too high you can make quite a bit of profit off the sale to donate. Try searching around on the Ultimate Craft Industry Buyers Guide.
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What is the name of the charity fundraising campaign kicked off by the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day?

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The Salvation Army's Red Kettle Kickoff campaign is annually showcased at halftime of the nationally televised Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Day game. The featured performer on November 25, 2010 will be country performer Keith Urban.
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How do you get sponsored as a golfer?

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ask everyone you know! its not easy! i am working hard to save money for lpga qschool, i am getting a job and saving for a year, i am a +4 handicap, so its not easy to get money thrown at you these days, so work hard like me and hopefully we can reach our dreams.
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What are some good fundraising ideas for youth sports?

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Bake Sales, 50-50 raffles, car washes, calendar sales, sports ticket raffles and walkathons. I can suggest the highest profit fundraiser is the Pizza Card my company developed. Another good sports fundraiser would be the Urban Farmer Seeds fundraiser. They use recycled magazines to package garden seeds and then have sports teams and school sell them in a fundraiser. For sports teams they will buy team uniforms and equipment depending on the amount raised. For schools they will donate a pretty big portion of the profits. It is easy and a good way to have a eco-friendly fundraiser.
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Are there rules to fundraising?

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There actually are rules to fundraising--federal laws and tax laws. How much, what it can do, how its used, who gives it, etc. are all defined. ---------------------------------------- There aren't necessarily any rules to fundraising. But if you raise more than a certain amount you will need to report it on your taxes unless you are a registered non profit organization. And if you are doing school fundraisers you may need to check with the school board to make sure your program is approved.
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1999 kia sportage it has a miss at idle with my foot on the brake i tried new plugs coils and wires no luck does anyone have any ideas other than the junkyard?

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Do a compression test to see if the problem is internal to the engine Also check the wires that connect to the condenser packs from exterior. I had a similar the insulation between the wires was destroyed by the engine heat, causing a short and a constant miss.
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What are the advantages of fundraising?

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Fundraising helps responsible non-profit organizations cover their costs, expand their programs and operate.
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How hard is it to do a mile of pennies fundraiser?

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It isn't hard. If you just try and don't give up you will do just fine.
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Is the National Retirement Security Task Force fund raising legitimate?

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No. This is another organization preying on the retirement-age and elderly populations. I have been inspecting multiple mailings and have yet to discover a contact telephone number. I have been gathering information for submittal to the Arizona Attorney General's office. Unfortunately said office is unresponsive. Please pursue this in your respective state.
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What is the accounting entry for proceeds from fundraising activities?

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Sounds simple, maybe it is not. Proceeds would be revenue, charitable revenue. The amount of tax deduction available may be discounted if the donor got something in return for the gift, e.g. a very nice dinner.
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What are some fund raiser ideas?

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You can promote team spirit and save money of families on pizza from your local restaurant. You can know more about it at the link below
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Got a roverp4 105 to sell who would buy it?

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Someone who wants a Rover P4 105... You can advertise it for free on just go to the classifieds section. If you email me from that site and give me a really good description of it with some high quality pictures, I'll write a feature on it and put it on a page of it's own on that site.
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What are some good cool fundraising ideas?

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There are too many to mention. You can have a cook-off or a garage sale if you want. If you want to save money, look into selling your old stuff.
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Who is Pink Warrior?

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The real Pink Warrior® is Fiona McGarry-Gatzke. Her husband Kelly Gatzke began a campaign when Fiona was diagnosed in July of 2005 to help fight cancer. Fiona was the inspiration and the company, logo, events etc are in her honour by her husband. The real authentic, original Pink Warrior is Fiona McGarry-Gatzke. They started Pink Warrior term pulled from the beautiful poem that Fiona wrote on the date she was diagnosed "Sea of Pink". Both Pink Warrior and Sea of Pink have been copywrited, trademarked and legally belong to them. Kelly and Fiona and their supporters have built a company and foundation based on it. They devote tehir time, money and efforts in the goal to raise funds for cancer research. The donate their funds to the Pink Warrior Foundation. This foundation is unique in that 100% of the funds it receives are donated to cancer research. The Pink Warrior® and its logo is legally trademarked and owned by Mr. Kelly Gatzke. Mr Gatzke started the Pink Warrior Movement in 2005 when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. Pink Warrior began raising funds for breast acncer but after many requests they have expanded to include all types of cancer. The real Pink Warrior hold many events and have a retail website and a book all the raise funds for cancer research. Unfortunately many who are not involved with Pink Warrior® have started to use the name illegally and the funds raised from these others do not donate thier funds to the Pink warrior Foundation for Cancer Research. Don't be fooled check and be sure that the Pink Warrior item is actually from the real Pink Warrior®. It is important to respect persons trademark and/or copyright. Using another persons IP property is no different to stealing another identity. Read more:
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You have a 2001 Mercury Sable LS that has a terrible vibration The Ford mechanic cant even figure out Anyone have any ideas?

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I had a vib in the front end of 2001 sable with about 25,000 miles. dealer tried new tires- rims ,realinement about every thing then ford corp. OKed new axles and that fixed it.
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How can a 11 year old raise 200 pounds fast?

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My friends made 300 dollars by having a cupcake stand. Everyone loves cupcakes,
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Do box tops make a difference in schools?

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Children may believe that they are making a positive difference in their schools simply by collecting box tops. Of course, they would love to contribute by helping their schools raise money for the supplies that they have always wanted. Kids would beg for new P.E. balls or cool science equipment in classrooms. Maybe they want new textbooks to learn from. Because they would do anything to get what they want, they eventually end up begging their parents to buy them numerous cereal or granola bar boxes especially for these reasons. However, these young kids do not understand that those small pieces of ten cent cardboard cutouts are overpriced for what they are really worth. Companies care more about promoting their products rather than raising money for elementary schools. Box tops are used as way to encourage parents to continuously buy particular foods for their children to make good sales for the company. Addendum: While the above might be true, what is more true is that schools use every resource they can find. The box top and soup label programs have been very effective in helping financially strapped schools provide tools and equipment that students might not normally have. Additionally, I've never heard of a school that encouraged wanton or wasteful spending by parents and students' families to boost contributions. School staff members work very hard to find programs that will put no added burdens on families in their districts. Although there are pessimistic perspectives out there, there are greater truths available to those who seek them. Edit: My school does up box tops and we get a lot of money from them. My family doesn't really go out of our way to buy products with box tops, we're "Oh, cool, this muffin mix we like comes with a box top!" While it may be another story for different people, it's really up to the parents to decide whather to indulge on box tops or save.
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How much does an optometric assistant make?

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That depends on your skill set and previous experience. At the staffing agency where I work, we are currently paying between 11/hr and 13/hr DOE.
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Why is the van hard starting 89' G20 van plugs are new and timing is ok any ideas?

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Try to see if distributer cap is clean. Also if your Van does not run properly after starting it is probably a problem with one of the injectors.